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Dawanda - ughhh!!

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  • Caroleecrafts
    I agree Chris 7 days for a small business is a long time, particularly if it overlaps a weekend and you have a fair.

    Also not very polite of the person who ordered not to even acknowledge your communications.

    I gave up on Dwanda and several others, I know some members on here have done well but I felt it was too much like hard work. with promoting etc it took me away from promoting my own website and myself.

    Good Luck

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  • Works-in-Wood
    started a topic Dawanda - ughhh!!

    Dawanda - ughhh!!

    Last week saw my first sale on Dawanda, I'd almost forgotten I had a shop there! 3 cheeseboards to the same customer - English too. Worth approaching £40 to me and the last of that particular item.

    I waited a day or so for payment, nothing - then I politely messaged them to ask if they'd received the invoice....nothing, gave it a couple of more days, messaged again.....nothing.

    I messaged Dawanda help and a day later got a reply - apparently, you're supposed to wait 7 days before chasing payment !

    I don't know about anybody else, but I can't afford to have stock tied up whilst someone umms and ahhs about whether they're gonna buy it.

    No more Dawanda shop !!