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craft/art party plan?

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  • craft/art party plan?

    Has anyone thought about or done a party plan type event to showcase their craftwork?

    I was thinking, if say half a dozen crafters got together and formed some sort of group it might work. I know of someone who used partyplan to sell his candles and they were very popular, whether it would work for crafts/art I know not.

    Just thinking out loud here really....

    Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

    Even the best of us make mistakes!

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    if you have a good lookaround I think you'll find there are a few of us who have had a similar idea, i did some very successful parties lst year but haven't quite got into the swing of it this yer, they are a great way to make money and a lot of fun! I got together with a friend who is selling handmade picture frmes on behalf of a friend I think had we had more takers it would have been very successful but its a tricky time of year if not planned far enough in advance
    If you manage to get it off the ground i hope it all goes well for you
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      Given our close proximity, it might be an idea to explore in the new year. What is it you make/hope to sell?

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        Craft/Art Party Plan

        Hi There,

        I have done it several times and it does work.

        I did one the other week and had an open house night. Had a friend who makes cards and a lady who makes teddy bears.

        Have also been asked to show my jewellery at someone elses house and got a lady who sells cards to come too.

        Need to sort out some more for 2009.

        from Haken Jewellery


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          I have been doing party plan/open house for the past 4 years and have always found it very good. On saying that this year my open house takings were down about 2/3rds but another party I did at my sister's the takings were up, so swings both ways.

          A friend who is a qualified aromatherapist, hopi, indian head etc have done pamper parties and are starting again next year, trying to target the hen night area, as something different. Well worth a go as the outlay is less and with a captive audience etc.


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            I had one in november. I had my jewellery and cards, one friend brought her homemade soaploaves and bath bombs and another cup cakes then the local avon lady brought some stuff. It worked really well!

            It would work well if you could find a few people with different crafts who all live a bit away so different audience each then go round all through the year if that makes sense!


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              Just to update on this thread.

              Katie, I understand where you are coming from, and the sort of craft party that you are talking about where you have a number of different crafts represented would I feel, work really well, almost like a miniature craft fair

              This year I am determined to increase my sales and am going to be devoting a fair bit of time trying to work out new/different ideas to promote myself - and others - and hopefully bring about that increase in sales as a result from increased exposure.

              Jeff, my main 'thing' is art. I paint miniatures for the dolls house market, as well as slightly larger miniatures for 'normal' art collectors. Now and again I do a really large painting but I am finding that people are tending to buy the smaller stuff. I would therefore bring a selection of artwork to any party, I also do pet portraits in pastel.

              Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

              Even the best of us make mistakes!