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Addicted to Folksy!!!

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  • Addicted to Folksy!!!

    I opened a Folksy shop last week after reading some threads about the website on the forum. I was really impressed with the look of the website and how staright forward it was to list. No sales yet but I'm trying to list every day so hopefully someone wil see something they like soon .

    Problem is, I'm addicted to checking out everyone else's crafts! Last night I bought 3 items (although they are for Chirstmas presents so I was being practical). It makes you realise that there are so many talented people out there, tempting me to empty my bank account !

    Anyone else addicted as much as me?!

    How is everyone else getting on with the website?
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    I purposely don't browse Folksy as I would spend too much money. I already spend too much by finding things for Cuteable I'm glad Folksy don't have something like the treasuries on Etsy otherwise I would browse them all day long!!
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      Hi Me too. I noticed a few good comments about folksy, so I have now signed up. I have listed some of my items, and will list more, as and when I get the photos redone to be square.

      It is easy to list, and inexpensive to use the site. No sales yet, but it is still early days. Only been open a few days.



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        I'm there on folksy too!

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          I'm loving Folksy! Some lovely stuff on there, and I've had quite a few sales (so much so that I'm running out of stuff for my next few craft fairs!!)
          Cathy xx

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            I love Etsy & Folksy, your right there are so many beautiful things made by very talented people, Hand made.....its special, dont you think?


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              I've just signed up to Folksy, so that makes it 3 with Etsy and Misi. It's just a pity I've not got around to listing yet, but I think I'd get lost in the crowd on Etsy, so will probably stick with the other two for now. I'm only in it for the enjoyment and to fund my ever growing list of things to make, so making loads of sales isn't too important (although it would be very nice!)
              Gail x

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                I've joined Etsy, Dawanda, Folksy and Misi but I only have a full shop on Etsy.

                I like Folksy and I've made a sale on it, which is good considering I only had one item listed. My only dislike with it is the name... I don't think it reflects my things, or a lot of other peoples. I understand it indicates handcrafted etc but it sounds a bit too homespun.