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Organising Craft Fairs in Northern Ireland

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  • Organising Craft Fairs in Northern Ireland

    I noticed a query on one of the threads asking how to go about finding charities, churches and schools who organise fairs at which crafts people can sell their products.

    1. Have a look in the Yellow Pages for charities, churches and schools in your neighbourhood.
    2. Some of the groups organising fairs advertise in the Belfast Telegraph, Irish News and Newsletter. If they are further out of town then Craft Fairs are usually published in most of the local papers.
    3. Approach some of the better known charities ... National Trust, NI Hospice, RNLI are just a few of them ... if you have a small brochure and / or a website showing what you produce let the charities know and ask if they'd be kind enough to add your name to their list of people who might be interested in having a stall at their craft fair.
    4. If you visit a town or two other than the one in which you live walk round and see if any shop windows have notices about fairs in their windows ... some may have them stuck on the front of their counters.
    5. Register on Belfast Forum and keep your eye on the Calendar as I'm doing my best to list craft fairs.
    6. If you want to join another site Free Ads NI has a Charity board where I sometimes post details of Craft Fairs.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.