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Best way to Photograph cards???

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  • Best way to Photograph cards???

    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on the best way to photograph a handmade card to sell on a website?? I've seen 2 different methods used mostly - flat and face on, or standing up from an angle, but I think they both have their merits

    Also, what is a good background to use and what colour do you find works best??

    Thanks for your help!!


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    I have found scanning the flat cards seems to work best but the decoupage ones need to be photographed, I normally stand up not lay flat. when I lat flat they seem to some out narrower at the top than the bottom.

    Try several ways and then judge. The background colour again this is experimenting and may depend on the colour of the card, if white try selecting a colour that is included in the design.

    Post them here first and ask for opinions.


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      Thank you both for your advice. I'll give scanning a go and then post them on here for comments.



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        I've found that scanning them gives me the best quality. I don't like how they all look different when photographed and know that when I scan them, they will all look the same size ont he website and all be of the same quality.

        I use a fairly old scanner now too - and still think it is the best way, especially for the flatter style of card. The more you have on the front of the card, that protudes, means it makes it harder to scan, but can still be done with a little patience.

        Hope this helps and good luck.
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          I think its better to take pics and upload them rather than scan them. I use a fairly neutral background like cream, as you don't want the attention draw from your card do ya!
          If there's something shiny or glittery on the card I use the flash setting so it shows up better, if not I don't bother with the flash. Oh and I've tried both laying flat and standing up, and I think standing up gives a more accurate representation of your card, because you stand them up dont ya!

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            I hadn't ever considered scanning my cards, I will need to give this a shot!

            I tend to go for lying them flat, or zooming in on secific areas. My professional photographer did this with the OOS at our own wedding and I preferred the style.

            However, I want to add a new page with different designs and prices all on one page, and I think the scanning may work best for showing all the detail!

            Thanks for the tips!
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