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  • Whats in a website.

    What do you look for, visually, in a craft website? OH and i are int he process of making mine and its mindboggling the things you have to consider. Placement of this word and that picture.....

    Is the main aim to make it clear where each section is? Its a craft website, not just jewellery as i want to make other items. However i am concentrating on the jewellery at the moment so i dont complicate myself.
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    I look for simplicity and 'nice' colours and good pics. I don't like sites where I have to search for the navigation buttons because they are small or obscure.
    Backgrounds too similar to word colour is also not good, esp for those who perhaps have visual difficulties.
    Its a far bigger job than I ever anticipated - my site is still a work in progress - so I wish you loads of patience, and the very best for your endeavour!
    Terry xx
    Terry xxx
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      Try, try and try again, no website visually suits every one looking, it is very hard. I agree keep it simple and easy to navigate, other wise customers could get bored. also keep rotating stock items this way it keeps people coming back for another look. I am always working on my, tweeking here and there, good luck and be patient.


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        I agree - quick, clear navigation is key. People have short attention spans so need to find what they want quickly. I've tweaked mine dozens of times - it's now at a stage where I'm quite happy with it. Best thing I did was pop mine on here for opinions - others will spot things you've missed.

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          I agree with all the above but would add that my pet peeve is tiny little pictures that aren't clear - I like Big Pictures and I know they can sometimes take a long time to load and they take up space but if you can link the smaller pictures to a larger version that's just as good. Also if you items have a lot of intricate detail I'd include a little gallery of other pictures with the details so that people know exactly what they're getting.
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            Oh! websites! I hate websites that have those jumping around ads - they make me feel sick, literally.

            I like good clear photographs of what I'm buying and I like to be able to see some detail. I like the descriptions to give me an idea of size - especially with jewellery 'cos I've small wrists and I love bracelets but size is sometimes difficult.

            I don't like background colours that make the text difficult to read, for example blue against black or even black against red (Arrrrh!)

            I don't like fancy ornate scripts either!

            You know I really didn't know i disliked so many things I feel quite a grouch now!



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              Thanks everyone. We are using a package called GoodBarry which so far seems good. OH is more used to fancy boring, but functional corporate websites so i think between him and me we will reach a good simple, but arty type of website
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                One thing that does put me off websites, and more often than not I just leave straight away is music. For some reason websites that play music really grate on me.

                But that's just my opinion