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Christmas shopping....when?

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  • Christmas shopping....when?

    Im trying to hurry my OH to get my website done. But i doubt it will get done before OCtober and maybe not until the end of OCtober. When do you find people start buying for christmas? I really dont want to miss the buying period!
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    I pick up little bits throughout the year, but usually wait until late November to start, and sometimes leave it right up until Christmas before i've got all the presents!
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      People are definitely buying now for Christmas, I had a lot of people buying for gifts at the fair I did on Saturday.



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        I start shopping the earlier the better.... I sometimes get things in January for Christmas. I have before now stockpiled a couple of years worth of presents for some friends as I find things that are soooo suitable I just have to get them in case I don't see them again. I do the bulk in October though probably.
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          I have had people already buy some bits of me ready for christmas. I have been buying bits

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            Lots of people start early, especially as the shops seem to start stocking the xmas stuff before the end of the school holidays. I make it a rule never to buy my first present before 1st December, and I always seem to buy my last on xmas eve. It means I have a few weeks when I don't feel guilty about spending money for a change.



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              I think some people start early and others leave it until the last minute. I personally start making my gifts and cards before my own business rush starts, have already done one cross stitch picture and am well on my way to completing another, cards already made, written and enveloped, so will just need posting.

              By starting early I can now concentrate on my customers orders and give them the attention they deserve, after all they are paying me.

              I also pick up things through out the year, if I visit shops or fairs and have a drawer full of possible gifts, it also spreads the cost and you do not notice the money going out so much.

              I think October should be okay, check out the garden centers as when they get their decorations out it gets customers thinking.


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                People start buying as soon as Christmas is over. From the January sales and right on through the near, finding bargains where they can and spreading the cost. Although website selling is a brilliant way to sell your goods iun theory, you must also bare in mind that just because you have a new website, it does not mean you will get any sales.
                A website is like a new shop. People have to find you ! Taking into account that there are millions and trillions of websites from all over the world, you are just a tiny speck in one massive ocean.

                I didn't quite catch what it is you sell, but I think you would have better luck placing your goods in shops for a commision or writing to local offices and offering a lunchtime craft party, or better still writing to some of your local clubs in the hope they may have a cheese and wine party and maybe they will be able to accomonadate a place for you to sell your goods there. Just think..all those women eager to buy your goods.. A Captive audience.

                Websites sound good, BUT.

                Good Luck