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  • not the usual shop windows!


    just browsing through this section & thought you might like to think about displaying your crafts in places other than the usual shops.

    For instance, my local library which is near the market has double fronted glass windows - one side displays library information, latest books etc but the other window seems to be given over to local businesses or groups to use. I've seen displays for the local wedding dress shop, photographers, alternative health clinic etc. I don't know whether they charge but if you have a library with a window it could be worth making enquiries - or maybe asking if you could have a table display inside with a contribution to the library if anything sells - our library sells handmade cards.

    I've also seen displays for local businesses in building society, accountants windows - any office in your town/village which has a window fronting the street with space to display items is worth making enquiries about.

    Good luck


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    Cafes are extremely good places for this! People can nosey whilst they wait to be served!
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      Both me and my mum occasionaly sell bits and bobs in the local bread shop!! We have this tiny little baker on our very tiny street and everyone on the area comes to it so its a useful place to advertise and sell. One lady, years ago when i was younger, used to make all these amazing embellished mirrors, using shells and glass pebbles,they looked amazing, and she used to sell them in there! because the shop was so small, they would look amazing, becayuse they would be on every wall!!