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    Does anyone have a website with them?

    I set one up about 2 months ago but havent got a clue what to do so it's been ignored. I thought it would be easy to do, but its not. You need a webset to be able to use the site, it has logos, design layout etc, but all the ones left on DIY eStores site are dark and dingy, I want light and modernish. So I bought a one off someone in america, but its rubbish, i cant change the buttons to say what i want etc, so i think i'm going to have to redesign it myself.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had any problems? I'm also paying for hosting for my previous shop that i attempted to do using cubecart. I gave up on that because my ftp software wouldnt let me connect to my shop anymore so i couldnt change things.

    Also can anyone recomend any other ecommerce sites i can use? ones that are easy would be good

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    Hi Laura

    A bit confused what you are actually trying to do, do you want a website that you can design easily from a template?

    I used Sandvox, I bought this software predominately as I use a MAC, take a look at my site and let us know if this is what you mean. I found it very easy to set up and my host is I originally used Easily's web site creator again very easy to set up and use.

    You can have someone host your domain name but publish your site elsewhere and get the best deal. I know some of the others on this forum have used Mr Site, cannot comment about this though.

    sorry to ask so many questions but I did not really understand your posting.


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      sorry i dont explain myself well

      Basically you buy a shop from but its plain. So they make you buy a webset (template) Although the ones they have on there site are not what i want, as they're all dark, and i want a light refreshing website. So i bought a webset off a designer in america, i gave her my logo, told her the colours i want etc, but what i got back wasnt really what i had in mind. I kind of just thought that i'd stick with it then change it later on.

      The websets (templates) come with everything that you supposidly need to create your shop. for example, buttons, background, logos, icons etc. However the one i have doesnt let you change the title of the buttons, So atm all mine say catagory 1.

      Ive saw quite a few sellers on ebay with these stores so assumed they'd be easy to set up etc. I was just wondering if anyone on here had a website through them and came up with any problems i'm facing.

      I'm glad i only paid for 3 months, I think that unless i cant change the template myself i'm going to go back to cubecart, or zencart.


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        Hi laura

        I use zencart. If you do a bit of research you can modify the templates heavily.
        If you look at my website - - you can see that I have modified the basic template on the 'Pot Shop' link to match the look of my main site.
        One of the main attractions of zencart of course is that it is free
        I have had a look at DIYestores and it looks pretty expensive to me for their monthly fee I get a year's hosting.

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          i had a look at zen cart when i first decided to make a shop but it looked confusing so went back to cube cart. I'd still be using that if my software would let me change things.

          DIYeStores cost me £30 for 3 months, then £7.50 for a webset. I pay £10 a month atm for webspace that is just sat there doing nothing. Think it looks like i'll be going back to cube cart or zen cart though. I dont really want to pay out more money for more software i'll look at then never use

          I like your website. is also done with zen cart, i like there site, like the layout etc.


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            Laura I think you are paying way too much, there are several alternatives out there. I pay for my domain name and hosting which is about £25.00 per year, it gets cheaper if I buy for longer. My website designer was about £41.00, this was a one off payment. I can change the designs just by a click, so if I fancy a change it is not a problem. I can also change the title fonts and colours etc. If you have only paid for 3 months it would be worth looking round now for an alternative.