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  • Suspicious wholesale request

    Hi everyone,

    Prob wrong place again, never mind.

    Anyway, I've just had a message on dawanda from a Mrs.Kasper or something who wants to know if she can purchase my pieces wholesale - great right? So I asked her for more information about her shop and what she would be looking for.

    She responded that its an online shop and she wants to sell my pieces under their own label...and also would I reproduce something she had designed for her.

    Has anyone else been contacted by her? And what are your thoughts on it? I don't want her to sell my stuff under her name - but even if I say no, is there really any way to stop her from copying them? I get the impression she'll just pass my photos onto someone more willing and tell them to copy it...

    Am I being paranoid/cynical?

    My website:
    My blog:

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    Personally I wouldn't let anyone put their name to my work, that's plagiarism! She certainly sounds iffy, get her website URL and do a 'whois' search on it is my advice!


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      Yvonne, if your stuff is good enough for her to sell it's good enough for you to sell. To my way of thinking, if she is that interested then your jewelry will sell itself - you don't need her to cream off any of the small proffit you make. I know it is a bit tempting when things are going slow but there has to be another way.
      Another point - after the last post I felt that your name (regardless of M-I-L) is important to you so ........
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        I agree with Carol. She may be genuine but you would be giving away large discounts and your designs if you let her rebrand them. My guess is she will ask for some sample pieces (ie FREE) and then you will find that she doesn't follow up. Sorry to be so cynical.


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          Yvonne, I would report this to Dawanda admin, whilst you can not stop her copying your work unless you have a copyright it may deter her from approaching anymore people on Dawanda.


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            hmmm...I can understand someone asking for wholesale prices - that's a compliment and she wants to sell your products BUT they are your products. I wouldn't let her put her name on them.

            I know some of my products are bought (the creams etc.) and I own label them but that is offered by the supplier and it basically saves me the time of putting them into jars (I still have to do the labels myself). I certainly wouldn't offer craft items like that.




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              I make up dance wear that has been designed by someone else. The arrangement is that the other party supplies the fabric etc and I make it up and then I charge an hourly rate pro rata based on how long it takes.

              So I`m wondering...could you suggest something similar with regard to re-producing the stuff she has had designed if she supplies the materials then you know she`s serious .........BUT how on earth could you be sure that the stuff was her design????? Hmmm.

              A famous artist friend of a friend of mine spent several years at Her Majesty`s Pleasure for exactly the same thing. Although we are talking Renoirs and styles of other very sought after artists.....

              I`d delete the email and forget about it. If she copies your designs you know you have the talent to design another collection. I know it`s a pain in the butt but there is little you can do. Plagarists always get caught out eventually.