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Jewellery Partys - i am confused??

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  • Jewellery Partys - i am confused??

    Hi All this may sound a little daft but what exactly goes on at a jewellery party, i have attended an summers parties in the past which are obviously quite different but i have never attended anything like a candle party or jewelery party...

    Do i just display my jewelery and provide a few drinks and snacks?? just worried as i know ann summers parties sorry for using this example repeatedly but they have activities and games which make the night interesting but what can i do to make my jewelery parties interesting...

    any advise would be greatully recieved as i have lts of jewellery that i make as a hobby and i think it is of a good enough standard to sell but i cant always guarentee i can make enough to run a website store etc as i do hold a full time job, so i thought this would be an ideal opportunity to clear some of my finished projects out...


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    There is lots of info about jewellery parties on the forum. if you do a search (top bar)
    I do a guess the gem stones quiz with a voucher as the prize.
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      Pass the parcel is always a favourite at these type of parties!
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        I don't think you need games, the ones I have done, we have just sat around and gossiped, it is amazing how much gossip there is to deal with

        Pass the parcel would be good though

        Basically any party games with a prize of a piece of jewellery would be great


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          I agree - put a group of women in a room with a glass of wine and lots of shiny sparkley things to play with, and addditional games aren't generally necessary. Could be a nice touch if that was something you wanted to do though.
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