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    Thgouht some of you might be interested in this new site my friend has signed up to, . Her hits have increased loads since joining and a couple of sales too, (which she thinks came from vistors from there).

    It covers all sorts of crafts, links to websites etc and I think they add more categories when someone needs one. Costs about £12 for a year which apparantly is cheap compared to some sites. Hope its of help to some of you. I still dont have an actual website Im so old fashioned, really have to start thinking about getting one.

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    Do you how the site gets it traffic..

    Its such a new site its not listed on google so its amazing its creating sales..

    I'm puzzled..

    Promote your craft site today : Add Your CRAFTS
    (£5.50 a month or £50 per year)

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      Hi media,
      i have no idea sorry.


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        Yes I have seen this also. There is one for MOD EDIT - HAVE A LOOK AT THE RULES PLEASE which starts at £5 per year, they have 3 packages up to £25 p/yr.

        I wonder about the traffic to it though, as i had never heard if it before. I got involved with tuggle early this year, and am very dubious now!

        Debbie x
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          I have been advised to be very careful when paying for these sorts of services. There are several ****s around...although I've absolutely no reason to doubt this one I'd persoanlly be keen to 'see' several other positive experiences before leaping in despite the low cost involved.
          Best wishes


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            You have to be really, really carefull when you sign up with these kinds of sites...In a "previous life" I was an S-E-O (search engine optimisation) guru for a large IT company.
            Depending on how the site works it can be classed by google as a LINK farms are essentually paid sites with lots of links on them.
            Sometimes they might have an initial benefit but then later (as they get more & more links) they fall into the link farm category and the sites on them actually get Penalised!!!
            So I guess they should come with riders (like buying shares) -
            "WARNING rankings can go up as well as down!"

            Nic x
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              Hi Nik,

              Never new that about the previous job...


              I have to remove the 3 letters from the forum get cover in spam when my job title is mentioned

              Nik is 100% correct in the warning.. As a general rule is worth finding out is a site ranks well in google... Also if someone contacts you consider it first as spam and if you have the time then do some research but it likely to be just spam...

              Age of site are worth considering e.g. the reason for this forum is the ukcraftwebsites which now 5 year old


              Promote your craft site today : Add Your CRAFTS
              (£5.50 a month or £50 per year)

              Fun new blog: Snowboard Stuff


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                Well anyone can go and hit those links and I suppose that if the site is advertised on a forum like it just was on this one and people see something that they like they may buy - I just cliked on some links - don't have time to shop today.

                My site has been on a "top" website for the past two years, I pay quite a lot for that ad - hundreds rather than quids and i realised after a while in the first year that hits would be slow because the site was new, then after almost a year the hits went up - they weren't wonderful, 50 a month but i weighed that up and considered that it wouldn't take many sales to bring that money back and as some customers shop time and time again, it seemed worth it until after I'd paid for a second year my hits dropped right down - thing is, my site is one of the first few sites that you see and has a catchy banner - I struggle now to understand how 50 hits a month could drop to less than 10 which when i consider sales to hits ratio, it ain't worth the money. I have some small ads like that up and down and i just refuse to pay for them anymore - they don't work on new sites.

                You can gain more hits and sales from some nifty forum advertising if you have the time - i don't want to advertise my sites on here and now other people add my link to forums most days so i get some sales - probably about 25% of sales per month from forums and the rest from google searches - I don't site and check stats all the time but I can't remember last time i actually got a sale from a banner advertiser.

                I have hit quite a lot of links on this site and seen quite a few things that i'd love to buy, someone nearly got a sale last night and I can guarantee that i will purchase from at least one of you on this forum - probably more because you have such lovely stuff - one lady had something that i really wanted but didn't seem to be selling - and whilst I am not a crafter i am here to find out some information - and haveing a lovely time sloaping out of work to have a bit of a chat too

                I do think that, even with the link farm information above that £12 is good value and maybe next year it would be a good site to be on.

                There is a similar, much bigger site called which, I wouldn't touch with a bargepole - just my opinion - they advertise hundreds of sites and all the big people are on there - possibly because they can afford it and I am not sure how Google could throw all of those sites into disrepute because they are all effectively on a link farm.

                I actually found a link to a site last year on a website - without asking they had STOLEN my home page text cut and pasted it onto their website with a link back to me - apparently it had been there about 6 months and that was the first hit that my site had had from it - the real issue was that they had duplicated my site - the most important page - I went and gave my home page a well earned makeover BUT some sites will steal information and link back to sites that they aren't being paid for to make other people think that they are a really popular site. I can't remember the name of the site now and i haven't had any more links from it but it is a worry.

                Free directories would also be a worry in that case too I suppose.

                This advertising lark is hard work!