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gallery in Vienna - fantastic...but help!

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  • gallery in Vienna - fantastic...but help!

    Hi everyone!!

    Hope you all has had a fantastic creative summer!

    I need some advice. A woman living in Austria has seen my dolls and want to help me sell them in Vienna - I'm over the moon! She doesn't own a shop but has a lot of contacts and said she would contact different galleries on my behalf. Our communication is only in the beginning but have offered to send over one or two pieces for her to show. I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with.
    Firstly, what sort of commission should I be prepared to pay her? I have asked what she would want and I'm waiting for reply, I just wanted to get an idea of what to expect.
    Second, should I set up a buisness or can I just sell anyway. How does it work with tax, customs etc. I'm probably way ahead of myself, maybe it wont happen but if....

    I really appreiciate any advice, support you can give!

    Thanks - Julia

    Ps. Bare with me if I'm slow at replying - we don't have broadband up here in the stix and my computer shuts itself down if I push it.

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    Hi, This sounds like it could be a good thing but maybe you should proceed cautiously. How did this woman get to hear about your work? I don't have any experience of this so can't really help I'm afraid but I'm sure there will be people here who can.


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      Please check her out a bit more before you send anything. I get people approaching me to send them art all the time and they are ****mers! You have to see some credentials first. It's more important for me because my paintings are valuable and maybe you feel sending 1 or 2 dolls is worth the risk but still, I would ask a lot more questions first.

      For example, why does she even want to sell your dolls? Does she sell other things for other people? If she does, then ask if you can contact one or two. If she refuses, then this is suspect anyway. A good Agent doesn't mind if you talk to their other clients. Also ask her what the contacts are that she has and check them out so you know where your dolls are going. Don't be afraid asking these questions, it makes you look more professional. If you just agree, then she'll think you're desperate.

      Really do hope it works out for you though. I lived in Vienna for a while and it's a beautiful city with much culture. Perfect place for your dolls! Good luck and let us know how it goes.
      Cathy (bead supplies) (original paintings) decorations) (paintings, prints and cards)


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        Hi Julia

        first you will need to set up as a business within the UK, this is not difficult and the tax office are very helpful.
        Secondly I agree that you should get more details such as references etc and possibly consider a contract if you go ahead, to protect you and this lady. For exporting you can again details from Customs & Excise and the implications etc. She may be looking for a 40% comm. I think proceed with extreme caution the fact she is overseas makes it even more important to have some history which you can check before sending her anything.
        Not meaning to put you down but just be careful


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          Thanks for your answeres!

          I think you are right in that I should ask more questions. I'm still waiting to see how the communication proceed and will make sure I get a feel for this lady before committing to anything. She saw my work when her and her husband came to stay in the hotel were I work. It's a small, lovely family run place, I guess that doesn't meen we don't get "****ming" guests but it's not like I just received an email out of the blue. I think I remember her even if it was a few weeks ago, although I'm sure she didn't say anything about wanting to sell my dolls then.

          I will definetly look into setting up a small business, especially it you say it's not too hard. And 40% commission, ahhhh, I would be loosing money.

          Anyway - I'll keep you all posted!

          Thanks - Julia