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Selling crafts online - what do you want to know?

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  • Selling crafts online - what do you want to know?

    Hi everyone,

    In this crazy world of selling crafts online I am sure you are the same as me in that you spend half your time creating crafts and the other half working out how to sell more of them online!

    I have become more and more interested in the whole subject of selling online, not just crafts, but the methods and techniques the 'gurus' use to sell massive amounts of product online.

    So, as some of you may already know I have set up my blog to act as a way for me to share info about selling online and specifically to relate the methods of the gurus to crafting.

    I have put together a little taster email course on my blog, which gives some tips for beginners, but I am very interested in your views so that I can put together a more detailed report that will provide help for crafters who are selling their crafts online.

    So what are the methods, techniques, skills you would like to know more about when it comes to selling online? For me getting traffic is number one but you may have that in the bag. You may be more interested in Adwords or web building, or Ebay or Blogging?

    I'd love to get your feedback. I am going to spend a good amount of time putting this report together and I know you lot will have some great ideas and suggestions for areas it should cover.

    Many thanks
    Steve :-)
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    I'm trying ebid. It's slower than ebay for the moment, but far far cheaper, and if you work at directing traffic then you get clicks to your items.

    Also, Ibootsale is quite good - completely free

    I've also just made a website which I'm trying to find places to put links to it.

    I think a lot of people would like to know alternatives to ebay, and I'd like to know really good places to try and link to my website

    Your blogs are really useful, it's great how you are helping other crafters in this way

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      Hi, I have just had a look at your blog and I wish I had read it a while ago. I am going back for a longer read and have put it into favourites. I have sold a few things on Ebay and usually to friends, family and one major craft fair a year, not big time I know but I also work as well! I am always interested in new areas to sell, pricing (usually underpricing in my case) and not ending up with enough stock to keep a department store in business for a very long time. Keep up the good work Steve I will now be a regular reader.


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        Another way to plug buisness free is Gumtree, it costs nothing to post and you can add 3 photos per post, even if you get one sell, theres no outlay for the advertising.


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          I have tried using etsy and dawanda so far.

          Dawanda is currently a good option as it's free to list your items, so you only pay fees if you sell something.

          Etsy you pay 0.20 cents to list something whether it sells or not.

          I have also come across another site called but I've had a lot of trouble with it in not being able to log in etc. so can't comment if it's any good.
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            Hi, I tried ebay a while ago but people seem to just go on there for a bargain and don't really appreciate handmade items. I've also just signed up to folksy (I've got 2 items on so far!), which is pretty much the same as etsy but UK based. I'm definitely going to have to study your blog in detail because I'd love to set up my own independant online shop one day!


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              I'm really hoping that Folksy is a success, as a UK alternative to Etsy is much needed. I've listed a few things, but no sales there yet. Span1, I've favourited your shop - feel free to do the same with mine (hint hint !). I may well be back for one of your doorstops!

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                Thank you CeeGee! I have had a look at your shop. Very nice! (I've favourited you too).


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                  Great idea Steve - I am sure it will help many new crafters looking to try this out !


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                    My site

                    I have my own site fairly easy to set up and free for a basic site via
                    I have had an ebay shop but found it cost me more than I was making so am keeping my costs down now by only using ebay from time to time.
                    I've tried ebid but hardly sold on there so decided it was a waste of time.
                    Regards Jane


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                      When you have your blog ready to sell, it's important to market it so that more people can gain access or rather know what you are selling.

                      Find free classified advertising and directory sites to list your product and site.
                      E.G. and and many more.

                      Remember if you don't get the word out, no one will know what or who you are or what you are selling and hence they can't get to you or buy from you.

                      Happy Holidays!


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                        i would recommend trying MISI, sales are quite slow but its a very friendly community and just the general feel of it is good.
                        fiona x
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                          which craft fair do u sell


                          i want to know which craft fair do u sell.coz i've been searching lot of craft fairs but didnt find one.i', doing it for the first time.

                          let me know



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                            Hello there

                            I dont know if its right place to post it .I am launching new Uk based website to sell craft online.If you are intrested in taking part in my gallery.Please contact me on Mod edit. Please read rules.
                            Thank you for reading my post.

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                              I've tried and, and I prefer misi by far, as I only signed up yesterday and some items reached 100 views in a few hours. My account with etsy has been opened about a month ago, and the most viewed item has got 40 views. Also misi lets you upload an item for 20p and keep it all year round if not sold or until sold obviously, unlike ebay or etsy.
                              Unless I find anything better, I'm going to stick to!