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  • display advice/ideas please!


    I'll be doing my first fair in a few weeks, and am wondering how to display my jewellery. Would it be better to lay everything flat, or try and add some height and ''hang'' things to get people's attention? I don't want to pay for professional display equipment just yet as I don't know how successful my sales will be. Also, do I need a name for some sort of display for the table? Or would it be ok to just have the jewellery out without any form of ''branding''?

    If anyone has any tried and tested techniques, or foolproof ideas, please please let me know!

    Sarah x

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    I personally think it looks a lot better to add height to the table just so it's not all so flat and one dimensional. Do you have a tablecloth and a mirror? I would say they're most important.

    I didn't want to pay out too much for display equipment neither but I got a jewellery tree from Ikea for a few squid and had some busts. For height I just put some boxes under my tablecloth.

    I also think it would be good for promoting your business if you had your name and website or contact details clearly displayed. You could print off some leaflets or business cards to put on your table for customers to take?

    You can have a look at my blog and there are some pictures of my last stall on there. It might help and give you some ideas.

    My website:
    My blog:


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      Hi Yvonne. That's a questiion that has been asked many times before and there are a few threads asking this but I think this is one of the most recent.

      Good luck with your fair and let us know how you get on.

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        I have a couple of cork boards with metal stands to put some necklaces on, a couple fo acrylic earring display thingies, and at my last fair, I had a couple of the plastic boxes that you can get at Poundland, with a shelf balanced over them, and then another table cloth over that, this gave me somewhere for my busts.

        I also use little wicker baskets with bracelets, phone charms etc in, and have a couple of mug trees for other bracelets and keyrings/bag charms on.


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          thanks everyone for your ideas. Mirror and tablecloth - I have already!
          I knew there'd be a specific place for ''display'' type threads but I got a bit lost looking around the forum - I find useful stuff then move away and forget where I was!

          Sarah x


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            What about having 2 pin boards joined together with a hinge, and just pin them on - you could cover the board.

            This would be easy to replace stock when you have sold, and would look nice as it would give you height on the table.

            Deb x