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Does Craft Markets work?

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  • Does Craft Markets work?


    I have been thinking of selling at craft markets. I just need some opinions of anyone who have done a craft market.
    How much stock roughly would I need?
    How easy or difficult is it to set up?
    Is it worth it?
    How much do you expect to earn?

    any help appreciated.


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    I don't think there's hard & fast rules, to be honest!

    How much stock roughly would I need? - Enough to cover the size of table you have rented/brought with you.

    How easy or difficult is it to set up? - Put up or locate the table, cover it with a cloth, arrange your priced items on it attractively. Take something to put the money in, with a "float" to make change out of.

    Is it worth it? - Depends! You can get nothing, you can get hundreds of pounds.

    How much do you expect to earn? - Completely variable!

    There's probably some threads about it here on the forum, if you search...

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      it may. it may not. it;s a gamble


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        I think its got a lot to do with what you are selling, where the craft fair is, how much advertising it has done to draw in the crowds and if you have what people are looking for at a price they want to pay.

        For me, I have only ever done 3 craft fairs, all last year and to be honest was a waste of time for me.

        It was not my toppers I was selling (those I would do at a wedding fayre). It was christmas items along with a vast selection of other figurines and if I had a penny for each time somebody stopped and said how cute they were, I would have made a small fortune <winks>.

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          Craft fairs are very hit and miss but you never know, and when they are a hit they are great.
          A lot depends on the location, If people have to go out of their way to get to it there will not be as many people than if it is near other shops or at a show etc.
          Are the people in that area likely to be able to afford and buy the stuff you sell? Are there any shops selling similar stuff nearby? Either way could work for or against you, If there are no others, Why? is no-one interested? or would you be filling a niche. If there are other shops etc around are they popular? and would you be giving the buyers more choice?
          If the stall fees aren't too high then it may be worth having a go. Take loads of business cards or flyers so they can visit your website if they are interested.



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            I find it totally depends on the weather! Which is of course something you can do nothing about. Sorry, not very helpful I know!

            How do you sell at the moment then - is it all done on a website or something???

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              Thanks to everyone.

              At the moment I sell through my website. I have been to some markets and they seem very busy but not in a craft market in the pavilions here in Uxbridge.
              Its £50 for a day for a stall which I don't mind paying if I know people would buy.
              I had a craft and wool shop ten years back and it was too slow for the overheads and therefore I started on the internet.
              I just need some feedback as I know setting up is not easy as it sounds.
              Anyway I will have to take a risk as most of you suggest.