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  • Bracelet display

    Hi everyone. I hope you're all having a more productive Sunday than me.

    I have a stand at a local village fete next Saturday and was just wondering what the best way would be to display my bracelets. I have a few small wicker baskets which I usually just lay them on, but have wondered if I should get one of those special t-bar thingies for bracelets?

    I don't really have any money to spend on display props so was wondering if just laying them out is ok or if there is a better way? I do a lot of charm bracelets and people do like picking them up and getting a feel for them.

    Thank you!

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    People do like to pick them up to have a good look and I think sometimes they are a bit reluctant to take them off the stands. On the other hand some styles look better if they are wrapped around a proper bangle bar or the like. I would go with your budget, if you can't afford a stand now you can always treat yourself for the next fair with your profits from this forthcoming one!! Good luck.


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      Can you make a T-bar thing?

      Toilet paper rolls (core of used toilet paper) are perfect!

      Cover the toilet roll in a scrap of fabric and make a "stalk" for it from another toilet roll


      I bought a t-bar thing from sanctuary beads on e-bay, it was quite cheap.


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        Mug stands, seen it work many times to good effect


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          Pipe lagging from B&Q or such like is grat for display spray paint or cover with a nice fabric and then drape the bracelets over as they would look on a wrist. If you don't fasten them but tuck the ends under then peole will be able to try them on.
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            Charm bracelets also look nice pinned to a board in an upside down rainbow shape.



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              Thanks for all the good ideas!

              DH covered a mannequin for me in papier mache for my last craft fair & spray painted it so I've given him the job of making me a necklace stand & a bracelet thingie. We'll see what he comes up with