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  • Not on the high street!!

    Does anyone sell on not on the high

    What is the process after sending enquiry email? eg do they want sample of product or pics?

    They look a bit more upmarket than the other sites and thought this might be a good place to sell my more detailed work. If they don't charge too much!!

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    Hi mummycupcake -
    They actually contacted me (think they saw my stuff on tuggle) and sent me the joining pack, but it was a bit expensive for me at the time. I wouldn't have thought you need to send products though??

    Try sending a message bloomingfelt - she has been selling on there for a while now. - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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      I've not come across this site before. I've submitted my details so we'll see what happens from here.

      When did you submit your details mummycupcake?


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        I fell over them somewhere, so submitted my stuff....heard absolouteley nothing, then a month or so later they did a mail-out to people.....'why don't you send in some more stuff for us to ignore..........strangely, I lost interest.



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          not as good as they look.


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            not on the high street

            i have just joined them - you have to be accepted - ahve to send in pictures of have a website they can look at. they gave me a reduced membership becuase I couldn't pay the full amount and they wanted my stuff - been there for two weeks and sold 3 items. i don't know how good it will be but my subscription makes it a pretty good deal.


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              Wow - you must have got a good deal then !! I didn't make my money back in the first year, but when my membership renewal came up, they offered me another year for free. I will make my money back this year though. Christmas last year was fantastic with them - I had to put so much stuff out of stock because I couldn't keep up with the demand ! Fingers crossed it will be the same again this year
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                I contacted them too and got no response and then had the same email that said why don't you give us another try. I can't afford really to try another site at the moment and I really don't have the time to make stock for another online shop. Maybe one day........
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                  Thank you all for the info.

                  I've decided I'm not going to apply just yet as I have a range that I'd like to sell on there but unfortunatly it's still at the in my head stage.

                  When I have made some of the items I'll then apply and pic can be taken if need be.I'd like to be on there for Christmas though so need to get sewing I think.

                  Half an acre, I had a look at your stuff on noths and the're fab, I love the little girl pram bag might be treating someone to one of those for Christmas.

                  One quick question before I go does the anual membership have to be paid in one lump some upfront? and is there any other charges when you start selling? ( that should have read 2 quick questions)



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                    Hi - yes, unfortunately you have to pay everything in one lump sum (well, I did - not sure if they offer a different payment plan now though). Then, once you start selling you have to pay them a commission and also an admin fee (which covers the cost of processing the credit card payment) on every sale you make.
                    For 100% wool felt supplies, felt balls, buttons, ribbon, needle felting supplies and lots of other lovely stuff, visit BLOOMING FELT

                    Blooming Felt's Blog


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                      I realise that this is an old thread, but do you pay the £550 (ish) fee every year or is this the one off fee? Confusing...
                      What sort of fees do you have in addition to commission?

                      Just for future info to bear in mind.

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                        Thats a one off fee (and it's plus VAT, soon to be 20%)

                        but in total, you can expect to pay something like 30% of any sale in the various commissions which are charged. You have to provide free postage on orders over £35 and anyway, commission is charged on the postage as well !

                        It's a lot but they sure have a big following and thay do a lot of advertising.

                        If you have your own website (which ranks well in search engines) then you will probably discover that their customers will do a google search for your own website and buy through that (you are not allowed to post links to your own website, or contact the customers outwith delivering an order)

                        So while it's a big outlay, 1600 people already took the plunge.
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                          Thanks for that Hayden - much appreciated. Worth knowing about the commission on postage too - all things that have to be factored in.

                          It's an impressive site with seemingly impressive marketing outside the art/craft world, which impresses me and it is certainly on the consideration board at the moment. Do you have personal experience of it?

                          Just wondering why there was reference to a "yearly fee' earlier on in this thread really...

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                            Crafty magpie!!!!!

                            Hello all I came across this forum when i googled how Not on the high street began. I have my own website Crafty Magpie since June 2011. I start making and selling my own jewellery and then decided to sell other suppliers products.

                            I set up a page for each crafter so the customer can learn more about them as well as be able to view their favourite crafter's products on one link.

                            I don't charge a membership fee, in fact its free to sell your items and I take a 10% commission for each item sold excluding p+p

                            If you want more information about my terms and conditions, simply drop me an email to [email protected] or us the contact page on my website