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Ebay - is it just me or what

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  • Ebay - is it just me or what

    I gonna have a rant now. I often list things on ebay - usually stuff I have brought because I am gonna do this and that with it.

    Anyway to my point - I put on a joblot of gift baskets, flannels, ribbons, loofahs. Put on bidding to start at £8.99 and postage of £5.00 which I felt was reasonable. had plenty of watchers but no bidders. I then received an email from someone yesterday saying that they were really interested but felt that the price was too much with the postage and if I could give them a better price they will buy it straight away. 2 words funnily enough sprang to mind -the second being off!

    Sent a rather diplomatic email back saying that I was not willing to budge on postage and reason why. I have since relisted anyway with starting bid at £7.99 - if anyone is interested PM me and I will send a picture.

    This is the second time this has happened to me - even think it might be the same person

    God did this put me in a bad mood - the poor kids where at the brunt of it kept thinking about it - still ranting about it now hence this post.

    aaarrrrrrrhhhhhhhh ***********

    Sorry just had to get this out of my system. My god I am usually really timid on this forum - must have found my feet.

    So back to my original question - has anyone else had this or is it just me!

    The Soap Fairyxx
    The Soap Fairy xx

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    I suppose they thought that they might as well try their luck... since no one else sprang up to bid for it maybe they thought haggling would be acceptable for a quick sale (even though it is against eBay rules)!

    My other half was going to do a similar thing for a motorbike he saw, as his loan money hasn't come through for it yet and the bike he wanted received no bids. It is a bit naughty, but I guess people think there's no harm in trying!
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      It's one of the hassles of ebay i'm afraid. People want something for nothing. I now head the cheekier bargain hunters towards one of my (unnecessarily nasty) competitors telling them that they'll be cheaper.....they'll also be smaller, badly made and arrive 4 weeks late, but they'll be cheaper.
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        I have just started selling on ebay and ebid. Again, a few watchers and plenty of views but no bids I've not had any cheeky emails yet but I think bidders might be put off by the price... The thing is that my charms are quite time consuming to make and taking into account material costs, postage, fees etc the total price ends up being between £3.50-£6.00. Too much?? I guess so. At least ebid is free to list so I've nothing to lose - I just wish more bidders would use the site! LOL

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          A lot of people don't appreciate the time it takes to make things, so for those trying to sell their handmade creations it's a problem trying to set a price that people will pay.

          Everyone wants something for nothing these days it seems
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            Originally posted by glasskanvas View Post
            It's one of the hassles of ebay i'm afraid. People want something for nothing. I now head the cheekier bargain hunters towards one of my (unnecessarily nasty) competitors telling them that they'll be cheaper.....they'll also be smaller, badly made and arrive 4 weeks late, but they'll be cheaper.

            rnt we all the same lol ?

            do u shop at the pound shop your self ? why do u do it ?
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              I hate eBay (with a passion)! I closed my shop on there a few months back only to realise it was my biggest source of custom (not necessarily income) and that I needed ebay so that I could develop a clientele to usher towards my website! I relunctantly and resentfully re-opened my shop.
              Yes, eBay is full of greedy bargain hunters who want something for nothing. I hate it. Drives me bonkers, but until things really get going with my website and other outlets (Etsy etc) I need eBay!

              Have you worked out exactly what it would cost to post the items? It might not be as much as £5.00. I always charge actual postage so that when a customer recieves the parcel they see the price on the postage sticker matches what they paid. Ebay customers don't often stop to think about packaging costs (labels,ink, boxes etc) so maybe these costs could be hidden in the price of the item?
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                Yup - I don't do EBay for the same reason I don't sell at boot fairs... I'm not aiming to hand-make bargain-basement goods!

                Great if you want to resell stuff bought in bulk, or get rid of old clothes or whatever - not good for individual quality handmade items.

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                  Selling on eBay & Amazon

                  Hi all,

                  I have been selling on eBay and Amazon for a long time - 5 years and have learned a lot. I also teach people how to sell on eBay. I am also a Trading Assistant. For Amazon I have bar code numbers assigned to products.

                  I am setting up a business for selling craft products for others and am just working out the details now if anyone is interested. It would be for online sales and I would recommed starting small and building up to see if you are happy. I can not promise miracles but am very reliable and you can see my feedback. MOD ED - read the rules please as my new username changed from my old username for the new business.

                  I should be able to send details soon.


                  MOD ED - please read the forum rules before you begin advertising or offering a service - the emphasis is on forum and therefore discussion. Thanks
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                    I buy quite a bit off ebay. Although I check the postage when it arrives, like Roseberry crafts said, the extra bits cost too, like the envelope or box, sticky tape, wrapping inside etc...if the buyer doesn't appreciate that then I think they're being a tad mean. My husband recently sold a few of our odds and ends and he was quite surprised at how much the packaging and postage can be. I see that some people add on the end of the item description that this includes all packaging, the seller's time, petrol etc... However the 'packaging' has ranged from a recycled placcy bag covered in brown tape to a gorgeous pink wrapped thing complete with perfumed tissue paper inside...I don't mind paying the extra when I get something like that!
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                      yeah that's the problem with ebay, everyone is looking for a bargain! i guess some people are more forward with it like the cheeky one you mention.
                      early on in my jewellery selling i listed a couple pieces but hardly got anything for them, even though they were worth more, and when i sell them normally i can make 5 times as much. i guess ebay just seems like one big jumble sale. i can see why you'd be annoyed! stand ya ground x