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Please comment on my updated website!

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  • Please comment on my updated website!

    Hi, could I have some views on my website, what you like/don't and anything I need to add to it? or change...

    I made it myself, and it has been like that for over a year, but I am thinking about possibly a re-design, so any advice would be great!
    silvercatdesign dot com.

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    Hi, I have to say I really like the way you've filled empty spaces in the item pages with kind of little in-house adverts! I think that's really effective.

    I did find the pages took a while to load though, and that's on broadband of about 5mb - might be worth giving people the option of viewing the items all on one page rather than having that as the default setting?
    I also found I wanted to click on the images for larger versions and more details and was frustrated that I couldn't!

    But I like the layout which is simple and easy to read and the fonts are good too.

    Oh, but I only found your 'about' page kind of by accident, tucked away at the bottom, and the link is not live.

    Just noticed - on your necklaces page, on the one titled New Ribbons and Pearls, the images didn't load - I'm on IE7.

    Hope some of that helps! It's a nice site and I like your jewellery too!!


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      I like it.

      The colour scheme is very simple and clean. Ribbons and pearls pictures didn't load though.


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        Well done, it's a fantastic showcase for your designs (the ribbon & pearls picture didn't load for me either) overall...tops marks

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          Looks great! Your photos are clear and the site is easy to navigate. I like it!
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            Hi Laura,

            I think that the weakest part of the site is the imaging. I find the image quality very variable but you do seem to have bright images, which is a plus but unfortunately some are a bit too bright. You are relying too much on the cameras exposure metering which can’t compensate for bright or over dark backgrounds. In some instances the shadows are very dense and detract from the objects that you are photographing. I also feel that some of the camera angles are too high; you are looking down onto long strings or chains which ruin the perspective. There is also a tendency to use a prop in the back ground; this I feel detracts from the jewellery, the jewellery should be the focal point at all times.

            I know you may feel that this is a bit harsh but if you want the best out of your jewellery than the images have to reflect what the jewellery is about, be it colour, design, shape or texture and these images don’t demonstrate this well at all.

            The images are the first thing that your customer sees and they should be representative and appealing. I think that you should rethink how you are presenting the jewellery as an image, get it right and the images will sell what you spend lots of time making. I feel that if you concentrated more on having better images then the site would work much more effectively for you.

            Kindest Regards,

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              loved it

              took a look & I love your items, fab
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                Hi Laura,
                If you are going to redesign your site why not have images that you can enlarge to see more detail? Your jewellery is very pretty and you could show it off better. Also I thought your page was a bit slow loading, fewer or smaller images on each page might load faster. My taste is to keep the background the same for each piece of jewellery and I think this would work well for you too, as your designs have lots of interesting components. Keeping a white background throughout will keep the focus on your designs as Ian also suggests.
                Chris W.
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