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    Hello all, i have been making proddy rugs for about 4 months now and i am thinking about having a go at selling them at a craft fair, but the problem is i have no idea how much they sell for. I have looked on the internet but have had no luck and the craft fairs that i have been to have not had any sellers of them. Mine are about 5 feet in length and contain about 3500 pieces of material (or clips as my mother tells me they're called).
    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Hi. Im not sure what a proddy rug is. Is that a rag rug?


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      Hi, yes i think they call them rag rugs aswell.


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        Coming from an Irish Catholic family I was deeply concerned about the nature of this topic given the title!

        I think we'd need to see pics! So many people underprice their pieces but you have to remain competitive. I'd happily pay several hundered for a nice one.
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          glasskanvas i know what you mean was thinking this was a new line i'd never heard about (being a proddy) and thinking how many i could make in a day !!! would love to see some pics woody so you had better get posting
          while i knit i think


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            I was at a craft fair just before christmas and a lady was selling these, she called them 'proddy rugs' aswell - I've always known them as 'rag rugs'. I took great interest in them beacause my gran used to have them all over the house!. Anyway, she was selling hers at £35 for a small one ( I think it would be approx. 3ft x 2ft ) and £70 for a large (approx 5ft x 3ft). She sold two small ones and a large one at that fair.

            Hope that helps.
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              Hi, thank you for your reply regarding the proddy rugs. I am really looking forward to taking them to a fair and seeing if i can sell any.

              The rugs that i make take about 27 hours to make, thats from cutting up the 3500 pieces of material to the finished rug which is 5 feet x 2.5 feet.

              I am new to this kind of work so i would be happy if someone could advise me if £70 is good for 27 hours work in crafting. I have seen a few peoples proddy rugs and the quality is nowhere near as good as mine (they don't use as many clippings) so they would not take as long to produce.

              Thanks for all your advice and help.


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                There seem to be very few people selling these but I found this site selling them to give you an idea on pricing.



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                  Thank you so much for the info on the site


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                    I know what they are but don't try to sell them in Glasgow with that name

                    As you would have just cut out half your market. Obviously names mean differant things in differant parts of the country.

                    Cheers Janice

                    P.S Good Luck selling them anyway


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                      Thanks for the advice, i think they will be called from this moment in Rag Rugs.


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                        Forgive me being a bit mercenary here, but I make and sell Proddys.



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                          Hi, I think they have been called proddy's for hundreds of years so no reason to change them now i suppose. I believe their name depends in which part of the country you are from.


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                            I don't know much about the product you make or the market you will have for selling it but I do know that £70 for 27 hours work is £2.59 per hour and that is a very poor rate of pay / profit for something that you have spent alot of time making - just up to you whether you are trying to make serious money from your crafts or whether you are just looking for a bit of extra income. That is way below minimum wage and does not perhaps reflect the highly skilled nature of the work you are doing. Don't be afraid to charge accordingly for the time you have put in to it otherwise you end up devaluing your hand crafted items

                            Good luck anyway!!


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                              I have to agree with the last poster £2.59 is below minimum pay and dont forget to factor in not just the hours but also the price of material,thread and any thing alse you use in making one rug.

                              How much does the material cost you and how many pieces can you get out of it i.e. if a meter of material cost 6.99 and you get 10 pieces (depends on what size they are) then its 6.99 divided by 10 equals 69p then multiply by yhe number of pieces used in one rug. Do this for every piece of material then add together plus cost of thread and any else you use, then add what you would want tp be paid hourly. Then you have your price.

                              This advice was passed on to me several yrs ago by an accountant friend when I was thinking about making clothes to sell.