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  • Etsy V's DaWanda

    Which one is better? It would be for jewellery.

    Any benefits of one more than the other?

    Which would you choose?

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    I don't sell jewellery so I can't help you from that point but I do frequent the forums a lot on Etsy and lots of people moan that there are loads of Jewellery sellers on Etsy and their stuff sinks to the bottom of the pages fairly quickly. I suppose it depends on what type of jewellery you are making? Can you make enough jewellery to put some on both sites?
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      Personally, hadn't heard of Dawanda, but then I hadn't heard of Etsy either, so just had a look......who's ripped of who? I thought I was on Etsy at first !

      1st difference I notice is that Dawanda is 5% commission as opposed to 3.5%, but no listing fees (though shortly to be introduced) Dawanda European or more European orientated?

      I shall probably give it a try....and one more thing - It's dreadfully slooowww !!

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        re: etsy V's DaWanda

        Excuse a newbie butting in but have you come across eCrater at all? Like DaWanda and Etsy, it's a web-hosting site where sellers can set up and manage their own stores. And it's FREE! It's not solely handcrafted goods being sold there, but there is a handcrafted and artisan jewellery subsection in the Jewellery category. As an American-based online marketplace you do have to ship to the USA (that's not negotiable) and you do have to price in dollars, but it might be well worth checking it out!

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          hadnt heard of that, will have a look. Still cant decide between dawanda and etsy though. Anyone know of any other selling sites?


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            Hi Laura,

            I haven't used Etsy or Dawanda yet, in fact I'm planning on looking at both in the next couple of weeks as I'll be off work.

            I have a few listings up on YouCraftyLot - I can't remember if it's .com or - I think it is run by someone on here, the name Hazel rings a bell?

            I haven't sold anything on it yet, I keep meaning to email the site owners to see what the average sales are.

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              I'm on etsy and it's brilliant - although I sell things made from felt and not jewelry. You could try both as swirly suggested.

              The thing to get noticed is spend time on the forums - I've been on them quite a lot this week and sold 7 items! YAY!

              goodluck with whatever you decide!!!
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                Congratulations Claire on your sales & the tip on hanging out on the forums...

                My perspective is I think that more people know about Etsy (I had certainly bought things there before I started selling there) but I wonder if the whole $ thing puts UK buyers off?

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                  thats brilliant, 7 items in a week. Does talking in the forum raise your profile? Do buyers look in the forums, I dont get it.


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                    Originally posted by lauraj View Post
                    thats brilliant, 7 items in a week. Does talking in the forum raise your profile? Do buyers look in the forums, I dont get it.
                    Many sellers on Etsy make the mistake of not realising that buyers are very frequent on the forums and say things that you wouldn't really want your customers to hear. Being on the forum gets you recognised by other sellers too which is great if someone is making a treasury etc and they need a specific item and treasuries are very good at getting buyers through.
                    Hope that makes sense!!
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                      I was going to start a new thread but my question sort of continues the gist of what is being said here.
                      I have a little feature upcoming in Country living magazine and when I mentioned both Tuggle and Etsy to the nice lady dealing with me I was quite perturbed when she hadn't heard of either!

                      She was in charge of new products so I thought her finger would have been on the pulse.
                      What do you think?I percieve Etsy as being really well known but is that only with craft people and it hasn't filtered in to public conciousness yet?

                      I have paid my money to join Tuggle already and am just about to start on Etsy so you can see my concern.

                      I'd be interested in your more experienced thoughts,




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                        Well, I've never heard of Tuggle - but then I'd never heard of Etsy till I did (and joined - does that make sense?) I'm doing business on - Etsy 12 sales so far - USA, Australia and UK and 3 commissions to get out next week.

                        I'm not at all bothered whether I sell to other Craftspeople or the general public as long as they buy! If it's just Craftspeople looking that's ok by me.



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                          Never heard of DaWanda but was thinking of using Mintd (but got lazy and signed up and forgot about it)....

                          My only issue with Etsy is the current exchange rate- if I sell items for £15 here, they cost almost exactly $30 in the US, and people aren't prepared to spend that, and I'm not prepared to lower my prices!

                          My photography seems to do OK on Etsy, charging $18 a print (soon to rise because of the exchange rate again!), and I even made it to the front page in the early hours of this morning and made a sale!

                          I think sales are slowing down everywhere at the moment as people have less and less free cash...
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                            I'm on both.

                            I set up on etsy first, and although it works well, it's really hard to get noticed. I spent a lot of time in the forums and chat and sold the odd thing, but now I don't hang out so much any more no one visits my shop.

                            On Dawanda it's not as big yet, so I am getting more views without advertising all day, and the advantage at the moment is that there are no listing fees. Fees if you sell something may be higher than etsy but I'd rather pay that, than end up our of pocket if nothing sells on etsy as you have to pay anyway.

                            I plan to keep both up, but have reached my limit listing wise at etsy until something sells.

                            I've heard of another one called lovli I think it is, but have not joined it.
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                              Thanks for this thread as I've never heard of DaWanda and have just opened my shop. Haven't listed anything as yet but will take my time to settle in and will have a look at the forum.