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  • Advice please!

    Hi can I have some advice please. I am wanting to make some key worker figures to sell to raise money for local animal charities during this time. I see that Ebay let you donate a % to charity. The problem is postage (I would use Hermes collection as all my local Hermes shops and post offices are shut) material costs and fees would eat up most of what I would charge, which obviously can't be too much. I thought about selling very locally on Facebook and delivering on foot as my hours exercise! But this raises the issue of the buyer having to trust me to then make the donation? I'm not sure the best way to go about this?

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    I think at the moment the logistics of what you would like to do are just fraught with problems.

    Why not just donate the money you would have spent on materials.

    Or make the figures and wait till the worst is over, they will still need funds for the foreseeable future so it won't be wasted.



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      Hi, you’ll need public and product liability insurance, if the figures came into a category to be classed as toys they would need to be tested and if there was any income, whether it was profit or not, HMRC may need notifying even if it was for a charity Shelley said, might be a bit problematic unless you are insured, registered etc especially if you are looking at hardly any profit, I’d just donate instead🤷🏻‍♂️