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Market stall - how would you lay out your products.

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  • Market stall - how would you lay out your products.

    I want to do a market stall to sell my handmade cards and craft items in general for cardmaking / scrapbooking.

    But I am apprehensive about how to lay it out. I have all the items in seperate baskets, but once laid out, having access to the back could be quite difficult for customers.

    Is it best to sort a kind of block at the back so that those baskets are higher up or is there another method.

    Is it best to cover the wooden top with nice material or that a waste of money.

    I don't want to look like I just plonked a load of stock on the table top - like at a jumble sale.

    Would appreciate any advice or photos if anyone else does the same, thanks.

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    Four words.......................out of the wind!


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      That is probably the best advice. There have been postings before about laying out stalls and opinion seemed to differ, but you are right not to want it to look messy. I think some height if you can create it is good and definitely I would cover over anything added with the same material as you are using on stall (and there again a covered table/stall looks so much tidier). It is probably a good idea eventually to have some sort of card display stand, but in the meantime try and stand some of the cards up so that they show off well. People will go through baskets/boxes, but I think they need to see what sort of things are in there in order to "invite" them in.

      Good luck, I am sure you will get lots of advice here.


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        Hi I would suggest you go and have a look around you local market to get a feel for it and get ideas.

        I think having them in baskets is a good idea, different levels are also good.

        Please make sure you have a decent stand/gazebo thing and it is probably weighted. I do outside events nearly every week and the weather can be your worst enemy. Just remember that sides can become sails and your stand will want to fly.

        Also you will need to have your own public liability insurance, if do not already have some you can join the National Federation of Market Traders for £70 a year, this then gives you their coverage of up to 5 million. By being a member organiser's are more likely to give you a space as a casual.

        I hope this helps and remember layers of clothing are your friends!!!!



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          Thanks for the advice, unfortunately, my local market isn't that great at the mo. None of the stalls would be similar to anything I am selling - they sell fruit & veg / clothes / books etc.
          I suppose I just have to go with what I think and changes things if need be as I go along.
          I have got a card stand, so the cards will on that, and the general craft items/embellishments will be in the baskets.
          Just need to find something to put at the back to give the stall some height.
          Thanks once again, keen to hear more.


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            Hi, just thought I would see if there was anyone else around tonight with some advice, thanks