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    Hi I wonder if anyone can help me please. I got a Facebook page advertising my crafts and explain that money raised from any sell goes in to a fund for my disabled daughter. I have over 200 likes but no orders. What am I doing wrong? And any advice on making my page bigger and better?
    Thank you for your time xXx

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    You are not necessarily doing anything wrong but like or business things are tough atm and can take up to 6 months to get orders.

    What does your FB page look like, if selling regardless if for charity or not you have to display an address and telephone number. You say all funds raised go to your daughter, have you started a charity in her name? and registered the charity. This sadly happens a lot on FB that people want to raise funds then the buyer gets burned as not a genuine charity at all.

    You are still running a business and will need to be registered as such with the HMRC, including insurance etc for both public and product liability. If running to raise funds you will get relief from tax but only if a proper charity. May be worth checking with say CAB as to how to go about this in the right way.

    Your FB header and some of your photos are very blurred and cannot see much in the way of stock. No good asking people hat they want to see you will just have to make some samples and post with prices etc, make it clear if you take orders for bespoke makes. Have some ready to go straight off. If you are working towards Mothering Sunday get some products ready and post now.

    When I set up my website took about 6 months for my first sale and you have to work on it all the time, blogging with links to FB and your site, Twitter and more.
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      Here is a link to the law and raising money:


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        In order to promote your page and get more "likes" you could considering joining Craft Hour on Facebook (search the group). They encourage liking, sharing etc pages in order to increase the reach of your page. Are you posting regularly? It's also possible that the people who have liked your page are not receiving updates in their feed. Just a few ideas...
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          Share your page link on your other Social Media Sites.It can be a good way for increasing likes on your page and hope so you can get order also.You can share your work and your Facebook page on Youtube also.