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Hello again. Can anyone help advise on an Etsy Store.

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  • Imaginative
    Thanks for that Caroline. Hubby did look at the dummies thing but seemed to be getting frustrated that most of the bits he found were things he already knew, lol.

    Also thanks for the tip on posting daily. We have loads of items to list so that's an awesome tip.

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  • Caroleecrafts
    Handmade takes time I have lead times of up to 3 weeks for a bespoke order. Most people that order a bespoke item do not expect instant turn around, hence why they are prepared to pay the price. You will get those that do not understand but they are best avoided. Be up front and give longer incase of a problem, if the deadline is looming let the client know, most are happy and not bothered about waiting.

    Re Etsy, you need to post ideally an item at least once a day, this will keep you in the top of the main board, join the forums as some very good links on there. There are also a couple of good newsletters that come out telling you how to improve listings etc. Try Etsy for Dummies. There are others but their names elude me atm, someone else may be able to help.

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  • Hello again. Can anyone help advise on an Etsy Store.

    Hello again everyone.

    It's been some time since my husband and I were last here because a lot of things in our lives changed over the last year and a half, some good, some bad, some unbelievably hard to comprehend but we're still going and I'm hoping to be starting a new venture this month if my husband and I can get our heads around Etsy.

    After a turbulent middle to end of 2013 helping my brother to get through a difficult relationship breakup I was sad to eventually say goodbye to my family who have always been around me around the middle of 2014 when they sold their house and moved up North, leaving my husband and I down south with our kids.

    In September my husband launched his new T-shirt printing business which has taken off really well and was growing nicely until we were suddenly hit with the loss of both my younger brother at the age of only 31 in November, and then again by the loss of my best friend of 15 years in December.

    Although my husband has been my rock it hasn't been easy for either of us but as the saying goes, it can't rain all the time and I'm hoping one day we'll get through everything.

    So that's the past year in a very small nutshell.

    With the start of my husband's T-shirt business it also inspired him to start drawing again and creating new artwork. He mentioned a friend who made lampshades and other items and then introduced me to Mod Podge. I can't believe I've never used that stuff before; it's awesome; but it introduced me to the idea of being able to create lots of offshoot products for around the house, including decoupage and soft furnishings based on his designs.

    So we started looking at creating an Etsy store, but in all honesty, all the boxes to fill in have me completely bamboozled and I was wondering if any other crafters out there would be able to give me some clues as to what to put in all the boxes.

    What do you put for shop announcement and message to buyers?

    Are there any specific guides for all the shop policies?
    The items I'll be making will take a few days to make so I would need to let people know this but where would be the best place to put that information?
    My husband's business is a print on demand store that can take anything up to a week to produce. On his shipping page he outlines a turnaround time that he uses for busy periods but he still gets people who order at 10pm one evening and then email him the next day complaining that their item hasn't arrived yet.

    Finally, when you write your listings, do you spend time writing a lengthy description of everything that you've done to create your product or do you just give a brief description of what it is and what materials you used?

    Thanks to anyone who can give me some help and guidelines on where to start filling all this in so I can get this up and running.

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