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    Good morning fellow crafters!

    My field is bespoke design. Up to now I have always attended fairs, met people who would have some sort of interest in me designing and making them something, and then followed up with emails etc.

    Obviously now, with everything that's going on, this isn't possible. Plus the specific industry I'm in has been/will continue to be very hard hit.

    I've decided I'd like to sell online. And it looks like the best way at the moment is through a Facebook shop. Esty has never really worked for me.

    I already have some great professional images and a range of sample pieces, so that's not a problem.

    Can anyone help me, or signpost me, to sorting the gubbins? I'm not the most tech person out there.

    I can get as far as making a listing on my FB shop. Then I can get the link to go to PayPal, but it's just the log in page, and when you log in it's just the generic info page for your account. There are no details that connect it to the specific piece on my FB page, who they might be paying, etc.

    Or maybe there are other online platforms? With the caveat that they need to be free/cost as little as possible (all my income is gone, and I won't be receiving anything for being self employed in June).

    Thank you
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    Hi, welcome to the group. I know lots of people that sell but I don’t know of anyone that has a great amount of sales via FB if I’m honest. The trouble with social media platforms is people use them to be social, not go to specifically buy something, that’s usually a by-product. ETSY is one of the bigger platforms, I admin on four FB groups, the ones on there that sell quite well use FB and Instagram ( linked together) as pages to show products but link to Etsy for the sale. To stand a chance of selling anything online regularly you need to develop a presence and engage an audience that means you need to be posting 3-4 times a week across all platforms so people get to know you, follow you, expect posts of new products etc plus on Instagram you need to hashtag yourself into groups like yours so the right audience that searches for your craft by hashtags sees you too. Do a page full of hashtags. You can also use a platform called “Linktree” which is free, you get a web address and everywhere that you can be found can be accessed directly from there, many put that link in their bio on Instagram.

    I know a few members on here use other platforms to sell, successfully too, no doubt they'll add comments but be prepared as online selling needs a lot of continual work to keep you out there especially as Facebook drastically limits your audience to the same people, its not the best to use to sell...a regular post from sellers is “Can you post ‘Hello’ if you can see this post....” says it all really.



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      Thanks Dave.

      I've already got a solid presence in my branch of the industry that I've been working on for a good number of years, both in person and on social media specific to my industry (insta and pinterest in particular). I'd be using insta and pinterest to link back to my FB shop, plus my newsletter, so I wasn't thinking of trying to generate sales directly from FB itself.

      I've just never *sold* online before. Well, I did have an Etsy shop for a while, but it's not somewhere where I ever sold much. So the spending on listings wasn't worth it (for me). I also had a branding person tell me Esty wasn't really for my brand, which sort of confirmed my gut feeling as to why it hadn't worked for me.

      Sorry to sound so negative. I'm just finding it very frustrating at the moment.


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        Anyone able to help me out at all? Thank you.


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          As Dave said FB never worked for me and now am on Folksy. Did have my own website and promoted on FB, Insta etc. Gave the website up last year and have done far better on Folksy. Tbh you have to try things to see if they work but be prepared to allow at least 3 months before you get a sale on most selling platforms. Your work being bespoke would be harder as presumably could be quite costly again that would be hit by the current climate.


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            Thanks Carole.

            So did you set up the shop template on FB? And could you link it to your payment method? Or did you have to invoice each sale individually?

            I don't really want to lose my Insta and Pinterest tabs on FB, as this is where most of my customers/prospective customers hang out (and the links they click on most from my mailing list stats).

            So if there's another way of having some sort of shopping function on FB without having that particular template, that would be grand.

            My instinct says that Folksy isn't the place for me to sell either.

            Thank you!


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              I cannot remember but think you have to use the template they supply. Again think payment is through shopify.


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                What exactly do you sell? Might help with advice....


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                  Thank you.

                  Bespoke jewellery and accessories. But I also have an off-the-peg line of very classic pieces I've worked on over the years. It's these I'd like to list and promote.

                  I'd not be promoting them through FB, but using more popular SM channels for me (and for my specific client base) to promote these and my mailing list. FB would just be way of enabling someone to actually buy online from me.