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Selling in a shop, Rent a shelf. Advice needed.

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  • Selling in a shop, Rent a shelf. Advice needed.

    Hi. Is anyone on here renting a shelf who could offer some Advice please? I'm totally new to this and unsure of the way it works.

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    There are two types I am aware of, but I am sure there may be more ways, here are the ways I know:

    1. There is a coffee shop near me that rents a shelf for a fiver a week. That's it, done deal, you bring in the stuff and you are responsible for keeping a note of what is on the shelf. The shop will take the money for anything the sells and then let you have the cash when you drop. The shop is not responsible for any shoplifting or damage, so if your stuff gets stolen or damaged that is your loss and the shop has nothing to do with it. What does the shop get out of it? Something for their customers to look at, nothing more than that really.

    2. I have known craft shops and othr shops to work on a percentage rate. They rent a shelf to you at (whatever they decide, normally from £5 to £15.00 a month). Again, the shop is not responsible for any loss (through shop lifing or spoiling), at the end of the month they will tally up what you have sold, take a percentage for themselves (normally between 5 to 20%) and give you the rest.

    Hope that helps


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      There are 3 options that you can take in different places here..
      1. You just pay a shelf or wall payment, around£10 perweek, no comission.
      2. Monthly rental with 10% comission.
      3. Just a percentage comission, no “Hanging fee”

      I would only take option 3 unless it was a high footfall business because if you only pay a comission, its in the proprieters interest to promote your work to customers or they don’t get paid..
      30% is the usual comission, galleries ask for 40%.
      You also need public and product liability insurance, your product insurance needs to or be increased to cover theft and damage too.