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    I'm sure this has been asked many times before - though I cant see any recent postings, but as I have now set up a Folksy shop and done my first craft fair (without PLI ) I am now thinking as its something I want to continue doing I ought to get cover - so any advice would be most welcome... and also has anyone heard of a company called 'axisweb' ? Seems its a charitable organisation that if you join they give up insurance, just £25 a year....

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    You would be well advised to get PLI cover for any events you wish to do - most organisers will require stallholders to have their own cover. Many venues require such events to be covered (particularly council owned venues), and event organisers' insurance will require that individual stallholders have their own cover.

    I haven't heard of "axisweb" but many societies/associations etc do offer free or very low cost insurance in their membership package.

    Keep checking this thread, I am sure other forum members will be along with more information for you to consider.

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      Both product and public liability, shouldn't operate without either....fickle bunch, the public!
      I use Ian Wallace Public & Prod plus stock and tools cover, £5M indemnity. Not cheap but neither are claims.



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        Product and public as Dave said are a must. I use A-N for artists etc but you have to reach a strict criteria to go with them i.e. Commission work, exhibition work etc. The Axisweb looks good worth checking if they cover you for overseas sales, most do not.


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          When you take out your insurance make sure it covers all your selling outlets. When I renewed mine last year (April 2016) I hadn't heard from the brokers who usually wrote to me three weeks before the insurance renewal was due to ask if I wanted to renew, so I phoned them. When I spoke to them they told me that they were having to contact everyone individually to check that their cover was correct. Apparently (and I hadn't known this) there was a new Act in 2015 regarding what PLI covered with regard to how goods were sold. If you sell online (I don't) you have to have extra cover to the ordinary PLI. Chatting to other stallholders at subsequent fairs, it quickly became obvious that very few people were aware of the new Act and its implications. With so many people selling online, it is important to check that your PLI covers this,if you trade that way.


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            This is the good thing with A-N as it is for artists run by artists they do all this sort of checking for you. Plus they understand what we do whereas other insurers apart from the likes of GMImber do not


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              We are both with a-n cover everything we are likely to need including export to US, demonstrating and tuition.

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