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  • Open Studio/Art Trail Experience....

    Hi I'm Elisa,

    this month I'm taking part in my first open studio event - opening up my garage.

    I'm a little nervous and was wondering if anyone who had experience of this had any top tips for me!
    or even what not to do's.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hello Elisa, I took part in my first arts trail earlier this year, standby for a fantastic experience! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting an talking to artists of different mediums and also collectors and those "just looking". I could talk for England but wish I have taken sweets with me as I ended up with a sore throat through talking too much. I spent 9 days just talking and smiling and I made some sales and got some commissions to boot!! My advice would be take time to ensure your display looks good drink plenty of fluids and ensure you have a break now and then as it is very tiring(or I found it to be anyway) Take plenty of work with you to show.
    Good luck.
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      Thank you John for your encouraging words, oh that's good to hear I do love a new experience! Yes I'm a talker too so I'll add sweets to the list


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        Can't offer any advice but wanted to say "Good Luck" and I wish it was me. lol.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          Thank you Carol lol x


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            Elisa here is a whole article of advice right down to the nitty gritty stuff:
            Words of remarkable wisdom on:

            How much stock to take

            Getting your display right

            Checklist of what to pack

            Handling money

            What to wear

            Pre show marketing

            That article is here

            There is another article about the actual show days
            Craft Show Survival

            You & the Organisers

            You & other Stall holders

            You & the Visitors

            You & Disappointment

            I know you won't have other stall holders but the rest is relevant ( well I hope the disappointment bit isn't that article is here
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              I think in all honesty, it depends on how much work you put into it and the area you live in.

              I did it last year and stupidly signed up for 10 days, which meant that I was stuck in my studio all that time. Because I live in quite a rural area with no other crafters around, I only had a handful of visitors and only a couple of sales. Apart from Mailchimping my local customers, I did no other publicity.

              On the other hand, a friend of mine opened her studio this year for the first time and she did loads of publicity and put up plenty of signs. She found it quite successful.

              People like to go on a trail and see lots of studios in a small area, so if you have other artists around, it could be good.
              Carole x


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                Thank you I will sit down and have a read with a cuppa tomorrow


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                  Carole, I think it will be mixed I have done lots of advertising - managed to get a local press article too but I am the only person in my area. Thanks for the heads up.
                  I will report back after the event. Thank you, Elisa


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                    @Handmade Lives

                    Thanks Dixie, love your no nonsense approach.

                    Certainly few things I need to address. I certainly struggle with less is more.

                    Not afraid of change though.

                    Will feedback my studio experience to the thread. Thanks again.
                    Have a great day,


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                      Just to let you know I had a fabulous event. Most of it came from my own advertising although a few did come from the trail booklet.
                      I demonstrated glass bead making which visitors said made their experience better as they liked to see art in action.
                      Thanks gain for your support. Elisa