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    And for your latest installment...

    We've nearly got the flooring down and I think it's really starting to look the part. The guy helping us recommended laying the laminate at a diagnal angle as it creates a subconscious path into the shop - apparently it's the 'done thing' nowadays so get us

    As I said on the last thread hoping to open sometime between 12th and 19th April but as soon as I have a definite date I'll shout it very loudly
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    How cool having your own shop!?!? I'm so excited for you! Its really starting to come along now. The floor does look good like that...when do you think it will be ready for opening?

    Keep us updated!


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      You are so nearly there you have put in so much work and the shop is looking fantastic - now when you are a multi millionaire with a string of shops you will remember us at the forum wont you

      Very very very good luck with it.



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        Your shop is certainly coming 'alive'! It's beautiful
        I can see someone is eager to get the products on display! Go for it!

        Good luck with your venture, it's nice to see that dreams can come true.

        Best wishes,
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          Wow, it must be so exciting for you, I bet you can't wait for opening!

          Good luck with it all


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            It's all looking just perfect! ( I feel the green eyed monster lurking!!!)



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              I cant wait to see the counter. I've always wanted a shop counter and a till of my own!!!

              We're all little girls at heart, playing shops!!! Can I come and play at your house?

              Claire x


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                Its looking really good! Love the flooring! I cant wait to see it when its fininshed!
                Just wish I lived nearer!

                We will have to have an online shop opening party for you when its all done
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                  Looking good!
                  wish I lived a bit nearer too!


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                    things are really starting to come together and before you know it the opening day will be here
                    while i knit i think




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                      Congrats it's looking fantastic! I'm in the process of setting up my own shop too but I'm way back at the start a we are converting a 200 year old coach house.
                      Looking forward to seeing your progress good luck
                      Ger xx

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                        Well done Netty, its looking brilliant and the floor does look good that way, I can see what your guy means

                        Are you having a visitors book babe? Maybe we could all "virtually" sign it to start you off

                        Best wishes for your next round of jobs

                        shaz x
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                          The floor looks gorgeous. It'll look wonderful when you've got it all set up! Looking forward to seeing more pics soon!
                          Best Wishes