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  • Press releases?

    Ooops, maybe I should have gone and done a thread search first?

    ...oh, what the heck, I've started so I'll finish in Magnus style

    Does anyone have any experience of doing Press Releases? I've never done one, heard of them, dont really know where to start but wondering if it's a good thing to have a bash at with your help?

    Shaz x
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    i dont have a clue! But if someone does then that will be great lol

    sounds like something you should go for, it might get your craft 'out there' more!

    hmmm, i wasnt v.helpful was I...I just dont like seeing a post unanswered!

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      Depends what it is you want to do I guess... i.e. if it was some sort of announcement like opening a new shop a good place to start could be your local paper - I am sure if you ring them they will take details or point you in the right direction. If you mean get an article about you or your work in a publication such as a magazine... then again I think ring them or email them to ask how it works.

      If this thread doesnt get many answers it may be worth PM-ing someone on the forum with press experience (like JBJB or Funkyhand...?)


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        This is something that has been at the top of my 'to do' list for a couple of weeks now, and was given this link as a starting point
        although I am finding it difficult to write about my own business in the third person without sounding totally naff. I have printed a pack of other material to go with it, but I am definitely procrastinating as much as possible with this one, it's not easy!
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          I've had press releases through a variety of ways.

          1) Ring up your local paper with a story about your business. The business section of local papers are always desperate to have a story about a business that isn't middle-management related (a new estate-agency opening etc). However, you will have to have a story angle rather than just blatant advertising.

          2) I spend quite a lot of time trawling websites associated with my products. I then send out an email saying who I am and do they want to do a story about me? I must admit, I haven't had much success with this one so far, but who knows when an editor of a magazine might have a gap to urgently fill?!

          3) Some of my press articles were as a result of a competition I won last year. It entitled me to £300 worth of work from a PR company in London. Obviously, I got lucky with this one!

          Some times you've just got to have bare-faced cheek!

          If you do get any interest, be prepared to have hi-res shots of your products ready to email over at the drop of a hat. Also, I think most magazines like you to have written most of the article yourself!
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            Thanks guys, thats a great start, I didnt even know where to begin! Whether you just rang them or emailed them or wrote to them...

            I'm not opening a shop but I was thinking that, with some of the pieces I do (like the war veterans commission), that might go down well with some newspapers/magazines with it having a personal story behind it and with the product seeming (so far, at any rate) to be quite unusual?

            And I dont mind writing an article myself so that should hopefully stand me in good stead then

            And cheers for that link Typ, looks good, off to have a read of that asap!

            If/when I have a bash, I'll keep you posted of course!

            Shaz x
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            & Rossendale Ramblings!

            Where else can you get Mental and Retail Therapy?!