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    I'm having a sort out and have put together all my proof of postage receipts. Should I keep these for a certain amount of time just in case IR ever look into my business? As proof of postage costs? - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories

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    I would Sam - I keep absolutely every receipt for the candles just in case.



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      Me too, I keep mine with all my invoices just in case.
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        I'm so messy with the books side of things - think it's going to take me all day to sort out all my little piles! - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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          I spend anything from 10-40 pounds a day on post so I have should see the piles of the things!
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            Originally posted by glasskanvas View Post
            I spend anything from 10-40 pounds a day on post so I have should see the piles of the things!
            They must love you at the PO

            ~ might need to phone you later, have a question that you might be able to help me with??
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              I don't think a Proof of Postage is the same as a Cash Receipt from the post office. When I go to my local post office, they always ask me "Do you want a cash receipt". This is the official receipt for purchases that HMRC would want to see and I'm pretty sure that is different from a Proof of Posting which would only be any good in case you had a dispute with Royal Mail / Post office over an item that got lost say. Always get a "cash receipt".

              I think it is the same principle as say losing a receipt from a shop if you buy something and using your credit/debit card slip as proof of purchase - it's not really a receipt as such. A business that is VAT registered should always give you a receipt with their VAT number on it and often the credit card slips don't. I'm sure HMRC would accept a credit card slip if you had genuinely lost a receipt though. They are only really concerned to see that you are keeping proper records of income and expenditure.

              Oh and I think the advice is to keep business records for 6 years.

              Just a few points.
              Might be wrong though........!


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                OHHHHHHHHH - I just slung out all my old postage receipts yesterday !!!!

                I'm useless, I really am !! I need to make an appointment with Business Link so that I can find out what I should and shouldn't be doing. What with the postage and the import duty this week, I'm having a nightmare !
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                  As an easy rule, everthing that you purchase or is a cost to the business you should keep the receipt. However, you shouldn't need to keep the 'proof of posting' receipts you as long as the post office gave you a 'cash' receipt as well, which they usually do.

                  I attach the 'proof of posting' receipts to my copy of the invoices for the goods sent out, and the 'cash receipt' gets filed as it corresponds to the money coming out of the business bank account.

                  Good idea to seek advice from Business Link before you end up in a muddle and stressed out.

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                    Good advice Debbie to attach Proof of Posting to copy invoices and file cash Receipt with Purchases!


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                      Whenever I send anything out, I always get a Proof of Posting slip. I then take a digital photo of it & email it to my client so they know it is on its way. Even if you don' want to keep the slip after it is delivered, you can still keep the digital image of it in the computer. Another tip is that if you have a Card Reader on your computer, the small SD or Compact Flash cards from cameras may be used as small external storage units. As well as storing pictures, you can word process on them as well. I keep all my Proof of Postings on a separate Compact Flash card, they are quite inexpensive these days! If you haven't got a Card Reader, they are also quite cheap (Get them from camera shops) & simply plug into a spare USB port. No messing about with "installation" either.