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M&S now on our customer list!!

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  • M&S now on our customer list!!

    We couldn't announce this before today but this decoration, or rather 640 of them all hand made by us, are now appearing as part of the Food Hall Christmas displays in 16 M&S stores (yep thats right Marks and Spencer!). Trouble is we don't know which 16 stores, so we are having a Facebook competition to find out where they are. Check it out there's a link below. There's 40 decs in each of 16 stores and it was a really exciting commission to get. It came totally out of the blue and when we had the telephone call asking us to quote we did think it was a bit of a wind up at first!

    We dealt with the Agency that does M&S's (and lots of other big stores) display designs and its been a really fabulous experience. We were treated really well throughout (paid in full 4 days after the order was confirmed and 4 weeks before we delivered!)

    M&S Dec.jpg

    Our last conversation after we had delivered ended with them saying 'we hope to do business with you again soon'. BRING IT ON!!


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    How exciting! Well done, and I hope the future orders materialise.



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      wowowoa that's amazing! Well done!! I will be looking out for them...


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        Right next time I pop into town in my lunch break I will negotiate the aisles of the food bit and the customers that go along with it to see what I can find.
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          What fantastic news and now you are on their list they will come back to you time and time again I should hope.

          Well done!


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            p.s., I will also scour the M&S of Enfield looking for decorations.


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              Fantastic news and congratulations

              I too will take a look in our local M&S this weekend but I doubt Newmarket will be one of the chosen 16 as it always strikes me as a store HQ forgot about.
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                Well done you! I'll have a look in our local store.


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                  Well done! I remember your cryptic post about this order a short while ago. I often go to the large Meadowhall store in Sheffield but it will probably be that busy I will forget to look for your decs.


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                    I am sooooo pleased for you. I do love a success story. It won't be in ours as its only a pokey little one but I will check out Fosse Park Leicester for you when I go unless someone nearer is able to do it. Its huge so stands a chance.
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                      That's brilliant well done and here's to more orders for you.


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                        Wow, that's fantastic! Well done!



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                          Well done, what an achievement hope you have gone out to celebrate!!!



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                            Wow! That's really exciting news - you must be really chuffed! Well done!

                            I will definitely look out for them in my local M&S!
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                              That's great news for you. There are a couple of M&S stores near us so will have a look next time I'm in there.
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