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  • CE mark?

    Hi I'm just hoping for some help. At a craft fair yesterday a lady said l needed to have a CE mark for my cushions. I make animal shaped fabric cushions, wheat bags, door stops and teapot cosies. She said because they had a play aspect to them then l needed to apply for the CE mark. I'm using small pieces of fabrics from a local upholstery shop and cottons from a material shop, which is kind of the heart of my business idea, reusing bits that would otherwise be binned. If I am buying materials from the UK, surely this covers the safety side of my products? Many thanks

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    Hiya, I can't help unfortunately (although I'm sure lots of people can and will) but just wanted to say to the forum.
    Lucy Blossom
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      yes, if a cushion is shaped or looks in anyway like a toy (has chiild appeal) then it needs to be CE'd.
      This is an article I wrote about the process:

      You won't be able to make the cushions using off cuts. The reason is that all components need to be certified to the new july 2013 standards of chemical testing. That is thread, stuffing, fabrics. You need to get certificates to say that your components have been tested. Fabric manufacturers can only normally supply okeotex which is not sufficient.
      There is a group on facebook who have lots of knowlegdge and resources that will halp you to be able to achieve what you need.
      You can also talk to your trading standards.
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        Thank you Lucy really pleased I've accidentally found such a brilliant place.X


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          Thank you Ra Ra Bazaar will look into it further, just didn't occur to me that what l am doing could be wrong. x


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            Such a shame as they sound rather nice but better safe than sorry eh. Welcome by the way. Lovely to see you here.
            God helps them that help themselves.


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              Originally posted by patchworkzoo View Post
              Thank you Ra Ra Bazaar will look into it further, just didn't occur to me that what l am doing could be wrong. x
              we have all been in that situation. It's a case of make sure you do what you need to. (which you obviously are!)
              There are many people who fly into a hissy fit, ignore the advice and carry on doing it in correctly. The fines and prison sentence are not worth it.

              You would be able to still use the scraps for your wheat bags (providing they are conventional shape rather than animal) and cushions though as long as they are "normal square" or round cushions, so it may be time to increase your range as well.
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                Thank you beadsbydesign, must admit did initially think that's the end of that. But wondering around thinking about what l can change and have been redrawing my designs to fit a round cushion so removing the toy issue. Going to play and see what l come up with, but will still look at what l can and can't use. Been a real eye opener though.


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                  I strongly recommend you contact your local Trading Standards department, and/or the one in the area where you sell your cushions. They vary greatly in the advice they can, or are willing or able, to give you, depending on their funding and the 'spe******ms' of the staff, but if you find a good, helpful one, they can be terrific. You usually contact them in the first instance through your borough or city council, and then are often given a direct phone number for further contact.

                  The person who brought your attention to the CE compliance regulations for toys the UK forgot to mention - or was perhaps unaware (as many crafters are) - that the UK has the most stringent fire safety regulations in the world for upholstery and soft furnishings. These came about at a result of a series of tragedies in the 1960s and 70s, which I remember very well.

                  The regulations have been updated regularly so as to keep up with changing materials and interior 'fashions'.

                  The fillings for loose cushions must abide by the Furniture and Furnishings Regulations (Fire Safety) 1988 (and all subsequent amendments), which in practice means that you will almost always need to buy commercially-produced, appropriately-tested and labelled cushion inners.

                  The cushions themselves must be labelled appropriately by the first seller. Floor cushions, beanbags and the like have even more stringent regulations.

                  Check with your TS for their requirements as to further labelling. You may find this link
         to be a useful guide, but must check for recent updates.


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                    Thank you eena, will contact trading standards and thanks for fire issues. Had thought of filling safety when purchasing stuffing for my original designs so will continue this with cushion fillings etc. But any advise will always be welcome as didn't realise what a minefield l was entering by changing hobby to a business, exciting at the same time just need to research everything in detail before progressing. X


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                      If you are selling microwaveable wheat bags, you also really need to check the safety regulations for wheat bags - the fire service are still warning people about them since they have caused fires. Google "wheat bags fire safety" and you'll find lots of info. Personally I'd be terrified of selling them!
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