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    Can anyone help me with my website?Please?

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    What sort of help do you want?

    Can you give details please?

    My website:

    My blog:


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      Ditto the above!
      Sally x


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        thanks for your messages,
        just where to start really,
        ive got a site up and running but I dont think its all that good!
        I'm getting a new camera today so hopefully I can get some clearer images.

        Have a look and any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!

        Kind Regards,



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          Hi Dena,

          On first glace > The menu would be better up the top instead of at the bottom of the page under the ads so it's immediately obvious where to go next from the home page (and the search box too).

          Lots of nice clear photos, once you get your camera, to show off your wares - that bag looks nice!!

          Other than that, I would say that if you are using Mr Site, it is well worth spending some time reading through the manual and making sure you're making the most of everything it has to offer.

          Plus, be nosy and look at other peoples websites to see what you like and don't like - for example, most people put a sentence or two on the home page stating what the site is about and who they are, which is a nice introduction, or they have a page dedictaed to 'about me' or a link to their blog...

          I spent ages just choosing the colours...the possibilities seem endless!


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            I like the header thats nice, I assume you'll get some more relevant content on the front page to help with search engines.... I really don't get the clock or the search box.... I already have a clock on my computer, I've always assumed most people do, so other than distracting from the info you want people to read and making the page slightly slower to load, what does it add?

            Same goes for the google search box... its your site really going to be that big and that difficult to navigate........ I have a sneeky suspicion that these are "add ons" provided by "Mr Site" but just because they are there doesn't mean you have to use them. Your first page is your prime spot and everything on it should have 2 aims... draw people into the site and help your search engine rankings (in my opinion) everything else is just clutter which is at best distracting and at worse off putting.

            [its the end of a long day so please feel free to ignore everything I've said. Sorry it doesn't read as "nice" as I meant to say it :-( ]
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              Apart from the homepage (the bags page), your other pages look fine. It appears that Mr Site has gone wonky on your homepage , aligning things in a long column!

              Then just by adding a few more pictures and checking out the colours like TYP said, you can end up with a really sweet site.

              I also agree that getting rid of the advertisements is a good idea.
              Also deleting the google search... you dont want people googling similar sites to yours on your web-space!!

              Clocks, and dates are a debatable issue. They can give an indication to other viewers that the site is reguly maintained as they can see the 'real time' and 'real date'.

              I hope you have fun updating and maintaining your site. Good luck

              Av xx
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