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    I'm looking to make some prints to rename and sell I need to find some modern images and good fonts.. Not clip art!!! Does anyone know where I can get these from...?

    also what advice can be shared on printers to buy, something that provides a quality finish and will print on card or good quality strong paper??

    many thanks

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    I'm not sure what you mean by saying you want images to make prints and rename to sell, but the best way to legally get images you haven't made is to pay for access to an image database. Even using images from google without permission is breaking the rules (even if it's unlikely that anyone will find out). If you haven't bought (or got) the copyright its not yours to copy. And a lot of images on software is only for personal use and not for selling as your own. I imagine this applies to most crafts as it does to illustration.

    what are you planning to make?


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      Hi sorry that was a auto text errors

      i meant I wanted to know what the best software was to gain access to images, fonts etc to design prints for children's bedrooms / family prints.