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    Hi, I am a facebook newbie (yes, i have never had a facebook profile!!) and I have just set up a page for my business....I am wondering if anyone has any tips for how to use facebook best to promote their business, and what kind of messages would you put up there??

    Also, it seems as though I can't 'like' any other pages because I have a business profile - anyone know if this is true or have I got this wrong!?


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    I have a personal profile and a business page. I can use both to 'like' other pages/businesses (I switch between myself and Lucy Blossom Crafts using the settings button on the top right of the Facebook bar), not hugely technically minded but it should be possible, as 'liking' things/places/people is what facebook is all about. My blog is also linked to my business page, so anytime I post a new blog then you can 'see' it on my facebook page. Hopefully someone who understands it or who can explain it better will be along soon.
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      Business profiles used to be able to like things, but last month Facebook stopped letting them do that. If you have a personal profile and a business page, then you can still like from your business profile.

      It's quite good for showing photos of your work, although your posts won't get shown to everyone who likes your page.
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        The most important piece of advice I can offer is to post images more than just text posts, people love to be able to see what you're doing rather than having to read. Make the posts short but interesting


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          You can "like" under your business page, it just doesn't count like it does with your personal profile. Have no idea why FB decided this!
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            I share alot of my illustration page posts through my personal account, this is useful because being an art student a lot of my friends are arty. A few of my friends have also shared some of my posts which got my page a few extra likes. Although I've had it a while and still only have 70 likes, I think you need to keep updating and keep sharing the posts, which I don't do enough of!


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              I have a facebook page, i also have a twitter page which is linked to the facebook page, hence anything i tweet goes straight onto facebook. i have also linked my blog to twitter so that goes straight onto facebook too. That said i am not a fan of either but see them as a necessary evil in promoting yourself.
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                post lots be engaging share your page to your own friends and friends of friends.
                I managed to get 200 likes in 2 months this way .


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                  It's all about having a plan

                  To increase your social media presence the 5-5-10 rule is a great method to follow. This involves:

                  5 posts a day - A mix of pictures and text. Pictures look great and catch people's eye but text posts are usually seen by more people
                  5 shares/retweets a day - Share other peoples posts that are relevant to your business and your followers
                  10 likes/follows a day

                  If you keep active then your fan base will steadily increase. This applies to both Facebook and Twitter.
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                    Thanks for all your advice... the 5-5-10 plan sounds very intense!! I might make that a per week goal rather than per day!!

                    I have now opened a personal profile page and linked it to my business page, this means I can 'like' other peoples pages now! yey! If anyone wants me to try to explain how I did this, then please let me know


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                      That 5-5-10 rule sounds like a career choice. Try for one a day, don't try to build likes, try to build conversations. But the one blindingly obvious rule that almost no one follows is whenever you post a picture of something you make say Price Dimensions and How it can be bought. People generally won't ask if they are interested but giving that information might make them interested.
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