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Bespoke service - Getting the message across

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  • Bespoke service - Getting the message across

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for ideas/advice regarding offering a bespoke service. I offer custom made items which can take a few days to process, the problem I'm having is getting this message over to the customers. I'm obviously failing to convey this message clearly enough as I've had a number of people ask where their item is before I've had chance to make it.

    I'm wondering if any fellow crafters have similar issues and more importantly does anyone have any suggestions regarding ways of making it clearer to customers. It is worth mentioning that I sell both online and from a physical location, it's the online side of things where things fall down. I have a chance to talk to people in store.

    Any help is greatly appreciated


    my website is here : handmade personalised silver jewellery

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    I just looked at your site and chose this bangle to look at in detail.

    NOWHERE on the page does it say anything on the lines of 'all personalised items are made to order, so delivery may take up to XX days'.

    Now, it may well be in your T&Cs, I didn't look, because I'm not actually going to buy. I suspect most people won't look, even if they are going to buy!

    Because I am a crafter, I would naturally assume that bespoke personalised objects of any sort will take a certain finite length of time for this personalisation.

    Not everyone - in fact very few people in the 'instant fulfilment' culture which is prevalent nowadays - appreciates this.

    You need to have it writ P.L.A.I.N. and C.L.E.A.R., preferably in words of one syllable, right on the page of the object of desire.

    GORGEOUS jewellery by the way, and a lovely website.


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      I agree Enna. I had expected to see the time from ordering to dispatch clearly listed below box where it asks customer to enter text for their order personalisation. Manage their expectations by saying how many days from ordering to dispatching.


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        Yep I have to agree..

        I just had a look and basically I can buy anything and not know the time I will take to get to me..

        My OH sells furniture online and it takes 6-8 week for production of each item and then we have to ship it from italy around the world.. Customers are fine with it as long as you tell them from the start the reason why...

        By the Buy button you can add something like ** PLEASE NOTE -this item is custom made for you and will take x days to make and ship" **

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          I agree with the above, any of my bespoke made to order items all state made to order please allow x number of days for delivery. Never had a problem.


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            Thanks for all the responses. I'll be sure to spell it out clearly on the actual product pages, I guess I naively assumed people were aware of the bespoke service, foolish me.......... what's the old saying? Never assume, it makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me"

            Thanks for the lovely compliments eena


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              Oh never assume that you have to make it so clear and then they may still chase you.


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                Totally agree with Carole - never assume you've made it clear, even when you have!

                I always email customers telling them how long their item will take to make. That way, when they miss the email (yep, they do!), you can politely point them in its direction and they at least realise you've done what you can. To be fair, emails do occasionally end up in their junk box, so they can be missed.

                Of course, having the details in place on the page they order from helps a lot too. But the vast majority of people don't read everything on a web page. Keep it short and sweet and always repeat it in the email to them!
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