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The age old question of pricing

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  • The age old question of pricing

    Although from 2011 have just found this blog post about pricing, as this has been a forum topic lately thought would make a good read. I particularly like the section 'Be kind to your colleagues'

    I know this an emotive subject but perhaps this explains why as correct price sellers we get so annoyed about the damage underselling is doing not only to us but to the undersellers.

    So come on guys 2013 is the year of being confident and pricing correctly lets put 'Handmade/Crafts' back where it belongs as something unique and special.
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    Good article and a good thread. I for one have been pricing my items at their *correct* price for the last 18 months having been guilty of under-selling in the past. It's all too easy to price things in a way that makes them seem more financially attractive to potential customers.

    The more people who price more realistically (because sometimes you cost an item out and it does seem expensive) the better for all of us.

    There are going to be a few more years ahead where people will have less to spend, but those who can and do want to spend money on our hard work will be more than willing to pay what we ask.
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      Thanks for the link. It makes good sense and I have to say that having to price my work was the hardest thing for me when I started my business.


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        Very good article. Has just given me a bit of confidence to review my current prices ready for next year.

        I sew everything from clothing to curtains. Unfortunately, so do hundreds of factories in China. I need to remember that 'service' is part of the package I am providing. And to provide something personalised or a little more edgy. And frankly better quality at that.

        Many years ago (25 in fact), I had quite a good business making bridalwear. Then China happened and I couldn't compete with their dresses at a fraction (1/4) of the price. Okay, they were polyester (mine always silk) and rarely fitted very well (I don't think the Chinese understood in the beginning that women could be THAT big). Brides began to be gobsmacked by my quotations after they had surfed the web and seen what was on offer. I should have made a point of the service being offered, not worried about price. Only recently, someone came to me for 6 bridesmaid dress and produced a picture of exactly the dress she wanted. The photo was watermarked so I checked it out online. The dresss was £65.99. I advised her to buy the dresses online because mine were going to be three times that price. She did. She actually thought that to have them made was going to be cheaper! Bet they didn't fit.

        I'm waffling. What I mean to say is that I am learning things every day on here. Thank you.
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          I agree it is a very good article and quite right about how selling at too low a price has a domino effect on everything else and increases your stress levels.

          Most people under price to avoid stress and imagined criticism of them and their product yet they are actually putting themselves under a much greater pressure by easing their business towards unavoidable failure.

          Stunning Creations avoid the firing line on expectations of unrealistically low prices by putting your prices up front everywhere then those people simply dont approach you. Obviously the price relates to what they ask for, but you can still say Bridesmaid dresses from £***** plus material

          Any dressmaker has to be prepared to spend time educating their customer why they should choose custom made above cheaper ready made alternatives.
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