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sale or return...good idea?

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  • sale or return...good idea?


    I have recently had 3 shops get in touch with me saying they would like to stock my bags, which of course i was very excited about, however, they all work on sale or return, which makes me feel a little uneasy
    is it common practice, or a little bit dodgy?
    the one shop is only in birmingham, so i can visit that, and id feel more comfortable selling them there, but the others are in london, so cant go check those out!
    also, they are offering 60% to me, 40% of sale to them - is this good?!

    argh, i know nothing!
    holly xxx
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    First of all, well done on getting approached!

    I haven't sodl in shops before so can't advise based on experience, but it is something I want to do.

    A friend of mine had her jewellery making kits in a shop on a sale and return basis. The kits sold really well, so the shop owner actually bought the kits the next time, as she knew they sold well. I think a lot of shops offer a sale and return basis, unless they are certain about the sales of the item/s.

    60/40 sounds quite good to me - as long as this covers your costs and gives you the profit you want?

    I was contacted by a shop re: selling my mirrors sale and return. The problem was it was miles away, so I would have had to post my mirrors (which would cost a fortune) and there is always a risk with them getting damaged.

    Hope this helps a little. I'm sure other will be able to give some good advice.
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      this is a thread I wrote on the blog about sale or return.

      I have to say it works very well for me!
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        beadsbydesign's link is really good!....Make sure you follow it and make sure that you get a signature before you hand over goods!
        If the retailers are contacting you that's a very good sign!
        I personally haven't had the same success with sale or return and therefore won't do it anymore. I found that the shop weren't really pushing my stuff because they hadn't initially laid out any moneyand therefore had nothing to recoup....that being said they contacted you so they really must be interested.
        ....i'd try it but don't compromise other actual sales you'll get in other places with potential ones you might get by sale or return.
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          It's great that you're getting approached by shops. When I started out, I was approached by a gift shop in small village that I had done a craft show in. She wanted sale or return and had great ideas about where she was going to display everything and was very enthusiastic. I took enough stock for the display and for the first couple of months things went well. I filled up with more stock and then the payment problems started, I think she had a book of excuses (including the dog died)!! I gave up in the end, it was more trouble than it was worth, but after that I went down the wholesale only route and i would never consider sale or return again.

          Just my experience,


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            thanks for the advice,
            makes me feel a little bit calmer and safer about doing it, but i dont want to compromise other sales - most of my items are one-offs with old recylced material, so once they're in a shop, i cant take them with me to fairs...

            a bit more contemplating to do i feel!

            thanks again
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