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Anyone heard of Moneygram?

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  • Anyone heard of Moneygram?

    I saw Moneygram mentioned somewhere and wondered if anyone has ever used it to accept money from overseas? I have a lovely lady in Norway (genuine customer) who has tried unsuccessfully to order from me online and I suspect her credit card company is blocking it as it's an overseas transaction. I have suggested that she contact her CC company and let them know it's a legit payment but I was looking at other alternative ways she could pay.

    Anyone used Moneygram or have any other suggestions???
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    Western Union is a money gram service. Not necessarily the same company though so rates may differ, but western union costs £25.00 to use with a debit card and £30.00 for a credit card. The rates may have gone up since I last used it.
    Most overseas payments cost the sender quite a lot of money which is ok if it's a huge order but not ideal for the retail customer.
    Paypal is by far the best money system I've found.
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      I would second paypal - you can pay using a credit/debit card even if you don't have a paypal account set up and it's very easy to use!
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        I think western union/money grams can be an 'iffy' payment method. I know its used alot in ****s on ebay etc.

        I guess that if you trust the customer it wouldnt be a problem, I've personally never used it before because it does get a bad press.

        Edited to say that have you thought of using google checkout? It's similar to paypal but its free (for the time being) I use it a fair bit and its very good.
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          Papal is the easiest way to be honest. They don't need an account to pay you, but you would of course need an account to recieve the cash.


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            Even I use Paypal. Just sent stuff to Germany and thats how they paid.

            Cheers Janice.


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              OK I'll rule out Moneygram then if it's a hefty charge to the sender. I do have Paypal as my second payment option and she tried to pay this way too with her credit card and failed which is why I think her card company is blocking it as a foriegn transaction. Hopefully she'll speak to her CC company and get it sorted or maybe set up a Paypal account - tricky to explain these as I'm not sure how good her English is, but I know it's far better than my Norweigan.
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                I would keep away from moneygram & western union as its a faff to get the money (speaking from experience!)

                Paypal is the best option!