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I am so F***ing Fed Up

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  • I am so F***ing Fed Up

    .... ARRGGGHHHHH - the same old story here, did a craft fair last night so after all the panicing getting my gear together, actually finding where I had to go in the dark, never mind making the stuff. Got there and it was full of shop bought crap - to top it off there were 3 candle sellers and only 1 candle maker (can you guess who it was!!!!!)

    There were 3 actual crafters who made their things so you can guess we didn't have a look in - it was jumping but as usual they were buying the s*ite - why ow why don't I listen to my own advice and ask who is going to be selling there also - I was sooooo annoyed thought I was going to make nothing but it ended up a whopping £8.50.

    Sorry for ranting but totally shattered and peed off.



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    Thats so unfair - how are 'proper' crafters suppose to compete with bought in crap.

    Sorry you didn't have a great time
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      Aw Lisa what a rotten shame.

      Mind you I think organizers of craft fairs have a lot to answer for. Why do they let people in with shop bought stuff?? I thought the whole point of a craft fair is to show off your crafty talents.

      What's the art of going down to your local cash'n'carry and flogging it as your own, other than being "crafty" b******s.

      Maybe we should start grilling the organizers more about other participants. If they constantly allow these people to participate then start boycotting them and spread the word to any fellow crafters.

      Maybe a few failed fairs will make them change their attitude.

      Sorry, off the soap box now.

      Ruby x
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        Biiiig hugs and a bottle of Pimms.

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          So sorry to hear about your rubbish night. Cant think of anything to say that will cheer you up But agree we should all be asking who will be at these" So Called Craft Fairs"



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            Oh thats just PANTS isn't it Liusa, so sorry you had such a wasted time after all the effort you put in, and am sure yours knocked spots off the shop bought ones too, so infuriating.
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              Liusa??!!! LOL, sorry, Lisa!
              Jo x

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                awww darn it Lisa! it certainly is frustrating when you spend so much time over just one item and yet the only real 'work' they have done is drive to buy their stock!!!!!

                The one craft fair I did had a lady one one side of me selling creams and lotions that she told me was imported from Australia!!! The lady opposite me was selling wooden toys that she had just purchased!!!!

                Arrrrrrrrrrrrr, hope my one I'm doing on Saturday is a bit better. There are only 17 tables - is this a good thing or what??

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                  I dont know about anyone else, but I wouldnt be able to do something like that. I would feel so embaressed turning up with imported goods when others around me worked so hard to create their items.

                  Its difficult at the best of times to sell our wares without these folk taking over.
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                    That's awful Lisa, no wonder you are fed up. If that happens again demand your table money back from the organisers and write a letter to your local paper - it's an outrage! You are a very talented lady and you deserve much more recognition. You shouldn't have to compete with bought in rubbish!!!!!!!

                    OK, I'll get off my high horse now.

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                      I thought the point of craft fairs was just that - they are crafted.

                      Or am I being a tad naive? (Its taken me a few attempts to spell that!!)


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                        (((HUGS))) Lisa, hope your feeling a bit better tomorrow. Agree with everyone else... your stuff is gorgeous
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                          Thanks everyone - well I am off to another "Craft" Fair tonight so will see how that goes - still really really fed up. Our local school usually phone and ask me to their craft fair - I had had no phone call so I decided to phone them yesterday. I was told that they weren't bringing in any "Contractors" from outside. I can tell you have been called many things but a contractor hasn't been one of them.

                          They are keeping all the stalls in house - now somebody can shoot me down in flames for this but would that not mean that instead of a "Craft" fair they should be advertising their events as a "Jumble Sale" - because I can guarantee you on the PTA there are absolutely no crafters!!!!

                          Ow I'm off on one again sorry, I am annoyed with them as well and feel like telling the council about it - but what's the flaming point.


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                            Re - Non Crafters...

                            Hi Lisa,
                            I have just noticed your ad I know it was posted a few months ago, but I just want to say I agree with you..If they don't make the crafts themselves they shouldn't be allowed to participate, It takes the Pee out of hard working crafters, who put effort & love into their crafts.
                            When I run my fairs I have certain conditions one of which is that the crafts being sold are made by the seller or immediate family only & not imported or bought in crafts..
                            You have the right to ask the organiser if products sold will only be handmade by crafters attending or if they accept people who buy in crafts to sell..
                            I hope you find a good fair soon, & if you are ever down in Cardiff pop in & see one of my fairs let me know what you think,
                            Best wishes,


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                              No wonder you feel fed up Lisa. It is hard enough trying to sell crafts anyway. How is this allowed to happen? Craft fairs should (in my opinion) be places for genuine crafters and artists to show off and sell their wares not some kind of indoor market!
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