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  • Selling to shops

    Whilst wathing Dragons Den last night(dam that programme)I thought about selling to a local fashion clothing shop.
    I googled them this morning only to find they ae promarily a jewellery distributers with a clothing sideline.

    I took this as a negative thing as they wont want to sell other peoples work.

    Just a curiosity question.
    How have you sold your goods to shops?
    Do they increase the item price after they have been bought from you?

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    I sell my shoes to a local newsagent. I used to have my things in three shops. They take them in at a slightly reduced price then add there mark-up. But I have just been approaced by a shop that wants to take them in at £4.00 so they get their normal mark up of 2.53 % (I think thats right for gifts ) anyway I didn't take them up on that offer.

    The small independants are more willing to give you a chance as they seem to understand what it's like to be starting out.

    Anyway best of luck.

    Cheers Janice


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      Why don't you try selling to galleries and Hairdressers?...I know the salon idea might sound strange but that's were I've been most successful. Salon's are always looking for way to upsell to their customers and i've they're waiting round for the haircut you've got a captive audience.

      I ended up making sure I sold to the salon first (not sale or return) after that I didn't care how much they charged so long as the boxes contain your details etc. They usually added on about 30% but i'd shy away from sale or return because the salon staff aren't really incentivised to sell the pieces as they haven't layed out any money in the first place.
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        Ive seen necklaces being sold at the hairdressers I go to.
        Plus I took off a plastic necklace i had on so the lady could do my hair properly and she really liked it!!It was a plastic Primark one!Imagine what she'd say if it was a swarovski necklace.Mwohahaaha, I shall use my powers to persuede people.

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          I sell my jewellery to a shop and they add the same valve to the item as i want.

          But i know a lady that sells her jewellery in hairdressers and provides the display stand for the stock and offers the shop a percentage on the items sold.