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  • New Shop and Contract Advice Please

    I know there’s a few of you who have (or have had in the past) ‘real’ shops and others who have looked into the possibility so hoping they’ll be some good brains to pick on this one.

    I am about to sign a contract on a little shop (yes I’m veeeery excited about it but trying to keep calm until the ink is on that piece of paper) and want to avoid any potential pitfalls so wondered if there was anything I should be insisting to be in the contract and also any general advice too about opening and running a shop?

    Things going thru my mind include how do I have lunch or go to the loo if I’m running it alone - now there’s an insight into how my mind works.

    Ta muchly in advance for any advice and opinions

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    I used to work in a toyshop, the owner had 2 other shops(gift/model airplanes)which the staff had to cover as well.

    Admittedly we kind of covered each other when we had lunch which doesnt help you.But if you need the loo I suggest you put a sign on the door saying 'back at X time'.

    Im sure yuo will make it a homely shop so I reckon your customers wont mind espcially if they know you are running it on your own.

    Maybe employ someone to cover 11am to 3pm.

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      Heavenly girl has her own B and M shop so I'm sure if you contact her then she will be more than willing to give you some advice!
      I'm very excited for you but I honestly don't know what you will need as I didn't get that far in my foray into shop owning!
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        Used to manage a shop for someone and was on my own most of the time . Cust dont mind waiting for the 5 min loo break but lunch is on the hoof. What do the other local shops do for lunchtime do they close ?
        Our local shops used to until we got a supermarket ten mins away.

        I would ask my friends and relatives to help out initially apart from anything your first few weeks will be when the cust.will wont to know what you sell etc.

        Good luck anyway.



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          oooo where is it? What are you going to sell?
          Will it be rented?
          We (well the owners of the ice cream parlour i manage) are in the process of doing another shop in Colchester, they managed to get a 3 month rent free period from the land lord as they are spending quite a bit of money doing it up, that means you arent having to pay rent while you arent selling anything, which of course is good.
          Also they managed to get a reduction on the business rates while they are doing the shop up, words to the effect that they are spending a lot of money to make another otherwise empty shop look good hence make the town better etc etc, just goes to show don''t be scared to ask, for stuff like that, they can only say no and maybe they will say yes!!

          As for loo breaks, i'm often on my own in the parlour, i just take the key to the till with me and you soon learn to be quick!!
          ooo i'm excited for you, tell us more about it!!


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            Thanks for the advice so far it's really helpful

            Icecreamgirl -Yes I'm renting it and it's going to be selling craft materials plus a small corner of it will be dedicated to fine quality chocolates - not made by us tho. I don't know how well you know our side of Suffolk but it's in Clare which is a really pretty small town/large village between Sudbury and Haverhill. I've told my solicitor (oh how posh does that sound) to try and negotiate a lease where I'm not responsible for any external repairs but I like the idea of trying to get the first month rent free...might try for that too
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