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    I signed up to Paypal a couple of weeks ago, I set it up as 'personal'- but having logged in today it's now 'premier'.
    Do you have to pay for a premier account? Or is it free?
    I don't want to verify the account if I have to pay monthly fees.
    The paypal website isn't helpful at all at the moment, its not working, so I cant read about it there.
    I found on google that a premier account charges- taking money out of every payment you receive...
    does anyone else here use a paypal premier account?

    Thank you, sorry if its been asked before, Im a little panicy about it.

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    Just checked my personal PayPal account and mine is a Premier account. I only pay fees on any money I receive. There are no fees for payments or any monthly fee.

    Hope you are now happy and complete the verification process. I have used PayPal for about 8 years and have never had any major problem.



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      Mine is a premier account too. I only pay when I make a sale - no monthly fees.
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        My account is still showing as 'personal' but I don't receive any money into this PayPal account - I have a separate business one for that (free). I suppose the fact I only use my personal one to pay for things is the reason it hasn't changed (or maybe they haven't got around to me yet!)
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          I set mine up as personal. I've just looked. Now it's premier. Well, there's posh for you. I can't see that anything's changed to the way it works.....


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            Thank you for your help everyone, Im verifying it today.
            Well, sending off the signed form.
            I signed up for a personal account with a business debit card- because I don't see the benefit of paying for a business account, as I won't be making enough money to pay monthly fees.
            (Ill be closing my business debit before I have to start paying also!!).

            Its a shame they take a cut of any payments made to you but I suppose they have to make their money too, and it won't be an awful lot I suspect.


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              When you log in you can look up what the fees are to process receiving money.

              It took me a few minutes to locate the correct page for you, but here it is.

              Just remember they have a flat charge and a percentage, so try not to sell too many single low price items.



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                My PayPal is a business one and there's no monthly fee, just the flat charge and percentage as Roger says. Also some banks do free business banking too (without time or balance limits) so you can link your business name to keep your PayPal account showing as 'Verified'. It's useful as it means customers can pay you via PayPal using your business name, which also appears on their debit/credit card statement if they pay by card.
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