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    I was just wondering if any of you know how to try and find outsource/freelance creative work? Preferably jewellery.

    I have done searches on the web but found nothing

    Thanks for your help

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    Generally out source work is very poorly paid, you could try art and design colleges but the students are not likely to have enough funds to pay much but may need someone nearer shows etc. Home working used to be big in the 80's but seems to have died down, there used to be a company that people painted miniature cottages for but they rejected more work than accepted, basically a fiddle. Have you tired some of the jewellery houses in London but again most of the work is probably made up overseas, sorry to sound negative, unless someone on here has loads of orders and needs help.


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      Hi Caroline
      That is what i feared, the only things i found on the internet were overseas.
      It was worth a try.


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        Is it worth contacting any UK factories to ask if they do any homeworking? I know we have a place near here that makes tiaras and other wedding items and they employ about 70 people - no idea if they do homeworking or not but that's the sort of place I was thinking you could ask at.
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          Oh fab thank you. Thats the kind of thing that I would like. I will get searching for some local companies.

          Thanks for your help



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            Chloe, I've sent you a PM
            Facebook Pages:


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              Not jewellery. Costume making.
              In my life it's been by chatting. I must have been moaning on about being overwhelmed with work on a forum and in real life and someone approached me at a fair to offer her help. I farm work out to her. And to another two friends who took me in hand (the 2 year waiting list was getting silly) and we act like a co-op. Whoever finds the work gets a cut and we agreed making prices between us and who ever is free does the job. I've also helped other costume makers out. There it was a friend who had taken on too much from her friend and passed some on to me.
              Not costumes - can be jewellery, toys, weirdo things. If a customer asks for something special and I can't make it I go to my friends first and ask if they can do it. I pick these friends up by chatting here there and everywhere. I chose my makers by their prices, quality of their work, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, so I can match them to the job.

              I wouldn't have met any of these people if I hadn't been out at events and fairs. Even with the people I met on forums, we did stuff together in real life before working for eachother.


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                We employ homeworkers to wrap and pack soap and make up gift sets, most of the people we employ have approached us direct it works very well for all of us. At Christmas time they can make some serious money - and we do pay a fair wage
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                  thanks for your replies,
                  Jane i dont suppose you need any more help? :-)


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                    I guess you cant really find of outsourcing work in jewellery. The best thing for you is sell your products on ebay, amazon or any other shopping websites.
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                      Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
                      Home working used to be big in the 80's but seems to have died down ..
                      This would actually depend under what context it is used.

                      You can still outsource work and make it possible for workers to work at home. In fact, outsourcing is one of the fastest growing industries today.

                      Maybe, in the case of crafts, given you have a big company or office already, you can outsource the paper works and not the manual work. That would greatly help a lot. You just use some form of time tracking or monitoring tool to be able to track your employees.
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