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Business Logo being used as someone else's profile picture on fb

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  • Business Logo being used as someone else's profile picture on fb

    I had my logo designed by a friend who is an artist, paid for it and have been using it as my profile picture on facebook until my facebook page and website are ready. I have just noticed someone has decided to use it as their profile picture too which whilst flattering isn't really what I want. I have messaged them to ask them to replace it but what would you do in the same situation.
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    Find one of their posts and report it.

    One of facebook's T+Cs says that it does not allow you to infringe someone elses rights and, if the logo is yours and predates the other they should disable the account.

    You have already asked them to play fair, if they choose not to then you shouldn't feel bad about taking the next step. You could message them again and explain, again?, that the logo is for your business, a legal document, not just a pretty picture and that you will report them if they do not take it down within 24 hours.

    But I would definitely follow it up with Facebook!

    I would also look at trademark/copyright, or similar. I am sure a search here will get you some handy hints on how to do that!

    Good luck!
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      Thanks for the reply StefC

      I am trying the softly softly approach at the moment but have spoken with the person that designed it today and have added my trading name to avoid anyone else deciding they like the picture. It's very frustrating when people think they can just take things because they see them and like them.

      If I don't get a response to my message in a day or so will send another message stating that they are infringing my rights and to cease and desist within 48 hours or they will be reported to Facebook.


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        make sure you get screen shots of the offending and of the messages you send to them incase your fight escalates in the future.
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          the cheek of them !
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            I have a screenshot, thanks for the reminder beadsbydesign.

            As yet she has not responded to my request, I will give her the benefit of the doubt as the holiday season has just started but she is not getting away with it.


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              I can't believe people sometimes, they just take what they want. I agree that as you played fair you shouldn't feel bad about going further. Goodluck.


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                What name are you under on FB? Would love to have a nosy lol
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                  All sorted thankfully and the person has apologised for taking it so I'm going to leave it at that.

                  My business page isn't up yet been stuck on sorting a theme out for my website and facebook page but should be able to sort that out in the next few days.


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                    Great news.

                    Next time you get a logoi designed - make it UGLY
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