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Please help me name my business

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  • Please help me name my business

    I'm researching setting up - I'm reading the forum - and I thought I'd best start thinking about a name!

    My website/blog is Stef's Stuff, but that is a practice site, I always thought I'd practice with it and then move onto a real one!

    I will be making/selling recycled/upcycled stuff. I think I've sttled on felting jumpers and making bags, scarflettes and stuff, using fused plastic, buttons, beads and other findings as decoration, bag charms, etc.

    But as I started out making jewellery I would anticipate some creeping in, as well as other stuff - you can see why Stef's Stuff was an easy name. But it doesn't describe the product, so I thought I'd have another think.

    Because I am felting, fusing etc none of the materials will fray so I thought about

    Stef's Selvedge

    a sort of play on salvaged materials and the non fraying. But I now think it's a bit too clever clever (I love words and often sound incredibly pompous - eek!). I do like the idea of including my name, but only because of the S S sound. I'm not very good at this, so I thought I'd ask for help.....

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    How about Stef and Stuff - Good luck


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      I'd try and have some sort of descriptive name. I see vans with business names on, and you don't know whether they're selling clothes or washing machines. Plus the descriptor would show up in searches.
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        I'm aiming for that Leigh. Problem is what I make is simply 'stuff'

        Stef's Scavenged Stuff ?

        Grubbed Up Gifts ?

        Recycled Rubbish ?

        Felt Nice So I Bought It ?

        As you can see I am still in the daft stage! Something will come eventually - I hope!
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          What about 'Re-created' or 're-created' something lol
          Jan x

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            Stef, do you need your name in the business name? If not then how about:

            Felt Selvedge - a play on what you are doing

            Eco Felting - this stresses your eco friendlyness with one of your processes

            Eco Fashion - you seem to be fashion based and eco could be for re-cycling or economy

            A name should be distinctive and memorable, plus give an idea of what to expect from the business. If I think of any others I will post again.



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              I was stuck on including my name, but not any more.

              Eco something is good, I'll work on it.

              Thanks Roger.
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                Toads! Eco Felt is a commercial name!

                I Felt Crafty

                Stef Felt Crafty

                But I'm not just using felted stuff! Oh why is this so difficult?

                Converted (Craft Coverter... Converted Crafts.... Clutter Converter)
                Redeemed (Redeemed Rags)
                Rescued (Rag Rescue is already in use)
                Saved (Stef Saved This!)
                Recovered (just that one word - no, sounds like upholstery!)
                Rehabilitated (Rag Rehab)

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                  How about Reloved?

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                    Oh thanks. That feels right!!


                    Just that perhaps?

                    Reloved Remnants

                    Rags Reloved

                    Any of those would fit and I can't get a hit in any search engine!

                    I shall have a play and see what I can design round that now.

                    You are an absolute star!
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                      *feels quite chuffed*

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