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    Hi There
    Im new to the forum so be kind!, I am setting up an online e-commerce business, selling handmade products made from british designers. The business concept is for the craftmaker to showcase their product on the website.I am writing this post to find out your view on something. Being online i am trying to work out the best way of trading. I would like to send the product to the customer in packaging, so to you the craftmaker what is the done thing????
    Would the best option be send on demand or sale or return?? I would like sale or return, to cut delivery times to the customer.
    I would just like to hear you experences and how other business work.

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    I cannot imagine that any of our crafters will part with their beautifully crafted goods to anyone without the money in their hot little hands - but I could be wrong????
    I also can't imagine that sending them to a third party will sit very well either but we will see.
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      I've done sale or return, and I'm not doing it again. I have no problem doing trade prices, but it needs to be worthwhile. Having to put up the cost of components, and then not necessarily getting a sale is not good.
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        As above, sale or return probably isn't the best idea for a website. Would it be possible for you to send your packaging to the sellers, or just ensure they send a business card out with everything they send?


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          I agree, can't see sale or return working via a website.

          I sell via other websites as well as my own and in the majority of cases I ship direct to the customer. I also supply trade, so the business owner then ships the product.
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            Do not send anything out without payment. You can always give a money back guarantee if they do not like it. This would have to be time limited and a few restrictions like no return of ear rings.

            I presume you are acting as an agent with your website. The easiest way would be to check how your crafters are packing their own products and advise where necessary with recommended suppliers, rather than any other method. You could make the conditions of use of the website that all items dispatched must have the web site's standard invoice/receipt and address labels. If they do not comply then you can take their products off sale, this is easy to check with random purchases and the return guarantee. If you follow the eBay way protects their selling platform, then you will not go far wrong. Their intention and yours would be for repeat purchases to be made through your site and not direct to the seller.

            You have not mentioned what methods of payment you would be accepting. You must be able to handle credit and debit card transactions. If you go to one of the big banks they will make you use World Pay, but I think you will find the costs prohibitive. Other methods you should consider are Nochex and PayPal. You might also be able to accept direct transfers from within the UK to your bank account - a little messy but possible.

            Hope this has been helpful.



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              Sorry but I just don't see how this could work ... With what you are proposing you would need a storage facility and a fairly sophisticated stock control and accounting system as well as an efficient mail room/despatch/delivery system. Sending goods to you for you to package them and send them on to the end customer seems like an unnecessary waste of time and resources and not particularly good business practice.

              You also have to consider that while crafters are always on the lookout for new outlets for our wares, we are also business people... and while business involves a degree of risk, many of us would 'be wary of' providing stock on a SOR basis... and especially when it involves an embryonic virtual business.

              If you are hoping to set up an online marketplace for crafters to sell their wares perhaps you would be better advised to check out the current opportunities out there, look at how they operate and see how you might improve on what already exists....and then when you have considered your options, come back to the crafters with your USP....and a URL for people to see . I fully expected handmade gb would be the name of your website but no... at least not yet

              Good luck with your business...


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                Many thanks for your replies, I get the impression that sale or return will not work, which i kind of knew!! I just thought id ask the question. There are other ways!! Thanks